Family Photography

Family Photography

This amazing family, the couple, the children and the grandparents made me feel like I was a part of their family and not just their photographer. Here are two of my favorite shots taken at the white sand beach in Santorini.


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Kristo Di Giorio

Head Photographer at Studio Kristo
I do my best to tell a story via capturing moments that you want, and the ones that just happen. I'm a photographer by heart and I believe in love and all the joy it brings. You’ll see that my portfolio is filled with happy, unique moments. THANKS FOR DROPPING BY!
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One thought on “Family Photography

  1. Martin Ker (Grandpa)

    Your photos are fabulous, Kristo. Each one superb. Feel free to upload more pics of that wonderful day at the beach. I watched you work that day and was filled with admiration – you seemed tireless. Thank you for immortalizing my family’s special day.

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