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My name is Kristo, and for almost two decades I’ve been working as a Santorini photographer on this gorgeous Greek island, often going to the mainland and to destinations overseas for my varied commissions.

I started out as a portrait photographer back in 2002, but now I run a leading Santorini photography company. It’s my pride and pleasure to take my clients on photoshoot excursions to some of the island’s most beautiful spots including my favorite places, Imerovigli and Oia.

It’s my mission to help you capture the beauty and natural splendor of this stunning destination, and to this end, I offer you my services as your dedicated Santorini photographer. Whether you just need my services for an hour, or whether you require a multi-day photo shoot, I’m available throughout the year, even on public holidays.

flying dress rental photo shoot santorini
Long dress photo shoots are becoming more and more popular in Santorini and they are stunning!

Offering You The Best Photo Shoot Experience On Santorini

Whether you’re traveling to Santorini to celebrate a special event or milestone occasion such as a wedding, engagement, honeymoon, retirement or birthday, whether you want to capture your marriage proposal or whether you simply want to preserve precious memories of your family vacation, hiring a freelance photographer is the perfect solution.

As a top local Santorini photographer, I would be delighted to help you create beautiful mementos of your time on this beautiful island.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with your partner, with friends or as a family, hiring a photographer is a wonderful way to make sure your vacation memories are perfectly captured. You can depend on me to offer you the exemplary service you’re looking for.

I take pride in the impressive level of customer service that I offer all my clients so you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed either with my outstanding attention to detail or the quality of images that you receive. It’s my aim and my mission to ensure that you don’t just leave Santorini with happy memories of your stay but with stunning photos that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose Studio Kristo?

Visiting Santorini should be a wonderful experience, and I’m here to help make those lasting memories even more special. When you choose Studio Kristo for your photoshoot, you’ll have a relaxing, fun and enjoyable experience. Yes, our first goal is to ensure you get gorgeous photographs that capture the essence of your special moments, but we also want the experience to be a pleasurable one. If you’re having a great time, your photos will be even more beautiful.

Choose Studio Kristo, and you’ll benefit from a professional, exciting and fully customized photography experience. I take the time to find out exactly what you want from your Santorini photo shoot. As a local, I know the best and most picturesque places on the island, so you can count on me to find just the right spot to convey the perfect atmosphere and ambience for your images.

Thanks to my in-depth local knowledge, I know how to avoid the crowds of tourists who flock to the island in droves, and with my extensive experience in the industry, you can be completely confident that you’ll be delighted with the final result that we create together.

Over my professional photography career, I have traveled extensively, both in my native Greece and around the world. I have had the pleasure and privilege of photographing proposals and weddings in Mykonos, Athens, Meteora, Dubrobnik and even as far afield as India. I put that experience to good use, ensuring that you have a once in a lifetime photo shoot experience that you’ll never forget.

I can even provide a hair and makeup stylist for your professional photo shoot so that you can look your best in each truly special image.

Event planning services for you

Not only do I specialize in providing outstanding professional Santorini photography services, I also offer event planning too. Over the past few years, I have expanded my business, turning Studio Kristo from a one-man business into a thriving agency with a talented team of partners. Today, we work in close conjunction with a number of reliable local vendors and service providers to ensure that your special day is visually perfect.

Whether you need a hair stylist, makeup artist, wedding planner, venue, dress rental or accommodation, we can help you to connect with the right suppliers for you. We have helped both locals and tourists alike to arrange the perfect marriage proposal on our beautiful island. We have also been responsible for planning many romantic events and weddings both on Santorini and across Greece.

We even offer walking tours of Oia, one of my favorite spots on the whole island thanks to its stunning beauty. I firmly believe that it’s the island’s most Instagrammable spot! Whether you’re a blogger or a keen traveler who wants to discover the true spirit of our stunning island beyond the usual tourist traps, this is the perfect service for you.

red color flying wedding dress

High Fashion - Editorial Shoots

Are you looking for a editorial style photo shoot, that looks like it could grace the cover of a popular magazine? Look no more! We offer a variety of flying dresses in Santorini.

Imerovigli Santorini marriage proposal

Marriage Proposal Planning

Are You Planning to Propose Someone Special? Click here for the most creative ways to propose your other significant in Santorini.

Vows Renewals and Elopement Planning

If you are planning to renew you wedding vows and need assistance in planning your renewal Ceremony, I would love to assist. (Coming soon)

Arranging Your Photo Shoot

Are you ready to arrange your Santorini photo shoot? Then make Studio Kristo your first choice. I’m looking forward to helping you create and capture beautiful memories of my gorgeous island home. Although there are other photography studios in Santorini and, indeed, on the Greek mainland, they simply can’t offer the same level of expertise or personal service, all at a competitive price that you can afford. With packages starting at just €180, you can preserve your special moments for a lifetime without breaking the bank. I don’t even charge travel fees if you’re looking for a photo shoot on the mainland, and if you’re looking for a destination photo shoot or wedding, I’m happy to give you a great value quote. Contact Studio Kristo today, and begin planning your perfect Santorini photo shoot now.