A fairy tale Vacation Photography in Santorini

A fairy tale Vacation Photography in Santorini

Once upon a time in Oia village

I will approach this love story, in a different way, as I do with every new story. I will just write down my short but interesting dialogue between me and Chris about his unusual story during the 10’ minutes break.

-Kristo (photographer): Chris, How difficult was to approach and date a beautiful woman like Laura?
-Chris: (Laughed Out Loud.) I had to show her that I cared for her very much.
-Kristo: But you met her on your vacation in Bulgaria. She is Romanian and you are American. I bet that you did not have enough time to show her your feelings in such a short time.
-You are right. I told her that SHE was love at first sight. Ha Ha Ha. This was actually true because I had noticed her immediately when our eyes first met. I couldn’t take my eyes off her…
-And of course Laura didn’t believe you, did she?
-She didn’t of course. She quipped, “I bet I am…. All men say the same thing”. That’s what she said with a look full of sarcasm and irony but at the same time sweet and seductive with an elegant way.
-How did you react then?
-I promised her that I would travel back to meet her again. I was already in love with her.
-Travel back, where?
-To Romania of course Kristo. Where else?  I got the plane from USA and traveled to Romania, where Laura was living and asked her to marry me…
-And, did she say “YES” so quickly?
-No, she said “no.” But this was the beginning of our fairy tale love story, now continuing in Santorini.

professional photography in Santorini

A fantastic gorgeous couple sitting at the top of the roof. Laura gives a cute kiss to Chris

elegant romanian husband wife Outdoor wedding photography fairy tale story couple Santorini vacation photographer Santorini vacation photo shoot shadows kiss
Transfrormation of a color picture to black and white picture of a couple next to a vintage door

12 thoughts on “A fairy tale Vacation Photography in Santorini

  1. Their story Kristo can inspire everyone, even people that are disappointed from their experiences. They have certainly inspired you..your photographs are excellent, she looks like a Greek goddess. They look perfect and they match with the romantic scenery of Santorini with a very elegant way.

  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for your nice comment. The couple was a very easy going one and I really loved their story. I think that the lyrics of the ballad song “Have you ever really loved a woman?” match perfectly to the pictures above. Cheers, Kristo. 🙂

  3. Hello! My husband and I are looking for a photographer while we vacation in Santorini in Mid June. We are impressed at your work. Are you available on 6/18 or 6/16? And the hours you listed in pricing include transportation cost? How many photos do you usually take for 2 hr session? Thank You!


  4. A fairytale to say the least. These images are Stunning! Makes me what to take off somewhere magical and get remarried!! (Oia maybe??)

  5. Hello Kristo,

    My name is Ivy and my fiance and I are going to have our town hall marriage signing (no wedding ceremony) in Santorini.

    We will arrive Santorini on May 3rd and leave on May 7th. Therefore we would like to have our photo shooting any day between May 4th – May 6th.

    I’ll be 7 months pregnant by the time we are in Santorini. This will be our last romantic vacation before the baby is here…. We would like to record this precious moment under your camera lens and beautiful work… we want the photos to be elegant, fun, natural and sweet… really brings out who we are as a couple and truly represents us.

    I would like to have 3 different outfits change if possible and pictures in locations you recommend the best in Santorini

    1. Beach/bikini (to show off my baby belly)
    2. Casual wear (optional)
    3. Semi formal dress

    However, as we are having a baby coming shortly we don’t have a high budget to spend… ideally I would like to have the best package but for us as this last baby moon trip already was out of our financial planning…. so to be honest, we only have a budget of 450 euros max for photoshooting…I do struggle because I want my photos to be perfect (especially our first album with baby and last as gf n bf at my dream place Santorini)… please kindly share with me about your thoughts and ideas to see if its possible?

    Thank you very much and look forward to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Warmest regards,

  6. Ariel Chouang

    Hi Kristo, we will be in Santorini Greece from this May 31 to June 4 on our honeymoon. Would you be available to take the “Bronze” package for us?

    Thank you.

  7. Hi there! I would like to inquire if you are available for outdoor photo shoot in santorini anytime between August 20-23. Me and my hubby are interested for the package of 5hrs photoshoot at 4 different locations. Are there any ongoing promotions we can avail? Hope to here from you soon.


  8. Fawn & Mick Wilhelm

    We will be in oia santorini from August 30 for 4 days. We are not married, we’ve been engaged for a lifetime, and we go on many honeymoons :). For santorini we are interested in a few hours of your beautiful photography work for our dream trip.

    Please let me know what options you provide.

    Thank you and kind regards.
    Fawn & Mick

  9. Hello Kristo,

    My husband and I are going to be vacationing in Santorini, Greece late Aug – early September. You took our honeymoon pictures last June and we LOVED our pictures. We would like to have our pictures taken again this year, on the 29th or 30th of Aug if you are available. Could you send us some package options?

  10. Hello! My boyfriend and me are spending some days in Santorini for vacations and would love to have a romantic photo session, we would like something nice but not so expensive, is it possible to have the bronze package with less than 15 photos? I’d be glad to hear from you soon, We’ve seen your work and think its amazing! 🙂

    Best regards,
    Marina Valdiviezo

  11. Hi! I realize this is a very last minute request, but my husband and I will be on vacation to Santorini next week and we just had the idea of doing some pictures! Nothing big, just maybe an hour session or so. What are your prices and would you happen to be available June 5 (morning or afternoon), 6, 7, or 8? I hope you have some availability!

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