A fairy tale Vacation Photography in Santorini | Once upon a time in Oia village

A fairy tale Vacation Photography in Santorini | Once upon a time in Oia village

I will approach this love story, in a different way, as I do with every new story. I will just write down my short but interesting dialogue between me and Chris about his unusual story during the 10’ minutes break.

-Kristo (photographer): Chris, How difficult was to approach and date a beautiful woman like Laura?
-Chris: (Laughed Out Loud.) I had to show her that I cared for her very much.
-Kristo: But you met her on your vacation in Bulgaria. She is Romanian and you are American. I bet that you did not have enough time to show her your feelings in such a short time.
-You are right. I told her that SHE was love at first sight. Ha Ha Ha. This was actually true because I had noticed her immediately when our eyes first met. I couldn’t take my eyes off her…
-And of course Laura didn’t believe you, did she?
-She didn’t of course. She quipped, “I bet I am…. All men say the same thing”. That’s what she said with a look full of sarcasm and irony but at the same time sweet and seductive with an elegant way.
-How did you react then?
-I promised her that I would travel back to meet her again. I was already in love with her.
-Travel back, where?
-To Romania of course Kristo. Where else?  I got the plane from USA and traveled to Romania, where Laura was living and asked her to marry me…
-And, did she say “YES” so quickly?
-No, she said “no.” But this was the beginning of our fairy tale love story, now continuing in Santorini.

professional photography in Santorini

A fantastic gorgeous couple sitting at the top of the roof. Laura gives a cute kiss to Chris

elegant romanian husband wife Outdoor wedding photography fairy tale story couple Santorini vacation photographer Santorini vacation photo shoot shadows kiss
Transfrormation of a color picture to black and white picture of a couple next to a vintage door

4 thoughts on “A fairy tale Vacation Photography in Santorini | Once upon a time in Oia village

  1. Their story Kristo can inspire everyone, even people that are disappointed from their experiences. They have certainly inspired you..your photographs are excellent, she looks like a Greek goddess. They look perfect and they match with the romantic scenery of Santorini with a very elegant way.

  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for your nice comment. The couple was a very easy going one and I really loved their story. I think that the lyrics of the ballad song “Have you ever really loved a woman?” match perfectly to the pictures above. Cheers, Kristo. 🙂

  3. A fairytale to say the least. These images are Stunning! Makes me what to take off somewhere magical and get remarried!! (Oia maybe??)

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