Santorini Maternity Photography

Maternity Session with bikini showing her belly

Awesome Pregnancy Photo Shoots in Santorini

There are countless ways to describe pregnancy: wonderful, amazing, touching, tiring, incredible. The beauty and the curves in the female body are unique while the time of the miracle of birth is approaching. This was the last romantic vacation of Ivy and her husband Kevin, before the birth οf their baby since Ivy was already 7 months pregnant. The couple loved to record this precious moment under my camera lens and beautiful work. The concept was very simple. They wanted the photos to be elegant, fun, natural and sweet that really bring out who they are as a couple and truly represent them. Ivy had various photographic suggestions in her mind. After a short discussion at their apartment we ended up with 3 different outfits change and pictures in spots that were some of the best of Santorini.

1. Beach/bikini (to show off her baby belly)
2. Casual wear
3. Semi-formal dress

1. The Black Sand Beach Maternity pictures

Maternity pictures are intended to show off the belly of the expectant mother to show their proudness of being a mother in a while. The girl looked beautiful in her bikini showing her belly with the precious one inside. Lying on the black sand beach under the warm sunlight with Kevin by her side was the most amazing moment to have before delivering her baby. Kevin was then captured kissing Ivy’s belly as if was trying to tell the little one inside how much he is waiting for her to be delivered in the world. Putting on a weight during pregnancy never lessens her beauty and Kevin’s love for her. There’s nothing more romantic than carrying her on his arms by the seaside. The happy couples were so happy especially when they had the chance to play around in the beach during the photo shoots. With a stick in hand, the beautiful girl and her husband tried to carve the love they have for each other on the stone.

2. The Flaming Love in Greece

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t be all lovey dovey with your beloved one. In this casual wear photo shoots, Ivy who was wearing flaming red dress looked extremely beautiful. Kevin was seen cuddling Ivy on the porch in a black and white picture while reminiscing their beautiful moments they have had. The beautiful blue sky and cliffs of Santorini had been the witness of the heartwarming love between them. The pink flowers with its green leaves complemented the blue Aegean Ocean background where the couple exchanged sweet romantic glances and hugged each other.

3 .When The World is Ours

The photographs taken in Oia Village were the ones which Ivy wanted to hide her belly. Ivy was wearing a blue dress that made her look like Aphrodite, the goddess of love. With Kevin, they sat side by side with the background of the Oia church and its blue cupola and white walls. The blue Aegean ocean background made the photo sessions look like the one in a fairy tale. Ivy was captured hugging Kevin while lying on the top of stone building. The world seemed to be theirs only. Who says that you can’t be romantic while in pregnancy? Kevin and Ivy proved that romance didn’t belong to the newlyweds only. Their sense of humor added the fun feeling to the photos taken.