santorini babymoon photoshoot dress

Among others, digital media helps people learn about touching stories which illustrate the divine power of the babymoon days. What’s a better place other than Santorini to capture your babymoon? Lindsay and Dan, a beautiful couple from the US, were staying in an AirBnB in Oia. In particular, their apartment was right behind the blue domed churches; a stunning photography spot. Lindsay was due in the start of November, so she was 30 weeks pregnant when we met in August.

The Oia Photoshoot Journey

We completed this Santorini babymoon session within 2.5 hours.  We were scheduled to start the Oia Photoshoot at 08:00am to avoid the heat of the day. There wasn’t a part of this Oia photoshoot that did not look like a movie set. From the white hillside buildings of Oia, to the deep blue sea, and the domes all made for a fairytale maternity session. Besides the picture-perfect spots, the clients were very excited throughout the photoshoot and we shared quite a few laughs. 

The Pink and the Long Flying Dress

The photoshoot in Oia included two different outfits. Lindsay started with a beautiful pink dress that matched perfectly with Santorini. After an hour of taking pictures with the pink dress, Lindsay switched to a blue, gorgeous, long Santorini dress with a huge trail. Despite her pregnancy, Lindsay went the extra mile to make the flowy dress photos rock. She was fearless and patient. On top of that, Dan was always right next to her. Fully in love with Lindsay, he participated in the shoot and provided assistance when needed.

Behind the Scenes Precautions

Working with moms-to-be is a huge responsibility. Thus, we also took extra precautions during the babymoon photoshoot. An assistant was discretely there to ensure Lindsay’s safety when on the rooftops. At the same time, we tried not to stay in the sun for too long while adding regular breaks in the shade. Comfy shoes were also necessary to deal with uneven terrain.

It was a perfect day and the weather was awesome; a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. The couple looked fantastic in front of the camera. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better clients or better photography conditions. Thanks again guys and looking forward to seeing you both soon.