Wedding in Imerovigli | Andromeda Villas Wedding Venue

Wedding in Imerovigli | Andromeda Villas Wedding Venue

Without doubt, Imerovigli is one of the most popular wedding photography destinations for Chinese couples. To begin with, the scenery is second to none. What’s more, it offers a variety of venues for every budget. Andromeda Villas is a well priced hotel and many couples who are on a budget choose it to do their wedding in Imerovigli.

The wedding ceremony at Andromeda Villas venue

This was a real Santorini wedding in Imerovigli led by an official celebrant of Thira. First, the groom and the bride joined their hands. Soon, they read the vows, exchanged their rings. and at the end, officially pronounced as “Husband and wife”. The wedding venue that hosted the event was Andromeda Villas. This luxury hotel is stunning! Even more, it’s centrally located and has an elevator to skip the steps of Caldera. Also, it features a large balcony with great views of the Aegean sea. In addition to that, the building style follows the typical local one of the white colors.

The Santorini post wedding photo shoot

The ceremony in Imerovigli followed by a 4-hour photo shoot in the most glorious spots of the island. As a Santorini wedding photographer of Asian couples, I chose the places to suit the Asian style of photography. Among others the photo shoot included Oia, the cute bay of Ammoudi, the area around the venue in Imerovigli and many more.

chinese asian groom waiting bride

Grooms always arrive first and wait for the bride.

chinese asian bride walking

The bride, Ng Doi Yee was walking with her head slightly bowed!

legal wedding- in santorini

The official celebrant warmly welcomed the couple and started the wedding in Imerovigli. At the same time the couple was so excited!

Ceremony at santorini andromeda villas venue wedding in Imerovigli

The views from Andromeda villas venue were brilliant!

wedding rings exchange

The wedding rings are an important detail! The circle represents a form without beginning and end; which represents the eternity and love.

Wedding officiant pronounces husband wife in Santorini Photographer

The couple briefly pronounced by the celebrant as Husband and Wife!

Imerovigli wedding photography

Then, cold Champagne was offered right after the ceremony for a toast!

Wedding in Imerovigli

While the the couple was exiting the ceremony, the Santorini wedding planner and her assistant threw orchid petals in celebration the wedding in Imerovigli.

Wedding Photography in Imerovigli village in Santorini

We continued the photo shoot by taking pictures in the venue and the suburbs of Imerovigli.

newly wed couple

The colors were bold, and the couple was so blissfully happy!

Professional wedding photographer in Imerovigli

I love the blue sky and the clouds as a backdrop of this gorgeous photo!

Hong Kong Chinese Bride holding a bouquet in Santorini.

Bridal portraits are so fabulous and one of my favorite things!

top location to shoot a wedding in Santorini

After the wedding in Imerovigli, we headed to a relaxed session. We visited some of the hidden gems of Santorini!

creative wedding photography

The local landscape offers great opportunities for creative Santorini photography.

santorini blue domed church wedding

Chinese couples are really crazy about these blue domed churches!

Imerovigli Wedding

The blue domed church, suited so well with the beauty of the bride!

couple holding hands newly wed

Ng Doi Yee & Hui Chung Yin were made for each other!

top bridal wedding photo outdoors

This is one of my best bridal pics I have taken in my Santorini photography career.

santorini steps in Oia

Walking up the steps in Oia this is the top sea view you get!

romantic photography shoot in Oia

Without a doubt, this romantic pic is magazine worthy!

oia wedding photographer

The iconic church in Oia along with the blue bell tower made the bridal photo rock!

Pre Wedding Outdoor Bridal portrait in Oia

One picture is worth a million memories! Who can deny that?

A blue domed church wedding captured by photographer oia

santorini oia wedding

We took the final photos next to the harming port, of Ammoudi. It was just before the arrival of a heavy rain!

traditional port ammoudi

A superb day reached it’s end. Basically the sun had already set and the storm was coming fast!

If you are getting married in Santorini and would like Studio Kristo to photograph your wedding in Imerovigli then don’t hesitate to drop us a mail!

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  1. Hi,

    I want to ask about the asian pre-wedding photo pricing. We will be in Santorini for honeymoon but would like to tale some photos with professionally done hair, makeup, and maybe outfits.


  2. Hello 😉
    My name is Paula and I’m from Croatia,me and my future husband are coming 19.9.18 to Santorini to get married. We and ours best man & maid of honor.
    Ceremony will be at st.Irini chapel,we are staying in Epavlis hotel.
    Our wedding venue is not yet reserved,we are looking still (maybe you have few sugestions?) ,our wedding planer is Liz Sakellaridis from Kamari Tours Weddings.
    Ok, now you know a few information (and a little bit more 😉 ). Your work is recommended from Bobo Grujic of My Travel agency Croatia. I want to know are you free to do are wedding photography and how much does it cost and what includes in price? Thank you very much! Best regards from us 😉

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    I am from Singapore and planning to go Greece for honeymoon in either Sep or Oct 2018.
    My fiancee and I would like to take this opportunity to have our wedding shoot at Santorini.

    Hence, we would to make some enquiries if we are going to engage your service:
    1) What is the cost of doing a wedding shoot in Santorini?
    2) Other than the photographer, is there any make up artist provided?
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    4) For those photos taken, are the file big enough to be developed into a big poster (1.5m by 1.5m)?
    5) What other things we need to take note of or what things we need to bring from Singapore?

    For your kind advice please.

    Rachel Tong

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