Santorini Wedding in Imerovigli

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There is no doubt that Imerovigli is one of the most popular wedding photography destinations on the island of Santorini, if not in the whole of Greece, for Chinese couples. And there’s a good reason why this is the case. The scenery here is absolutely spectacular, with uninterrupted panoramic views across the stunning blue sea and traditional white Greek architecture. What could be a better backdrop to your wedding photos?

Even better, Imerovigli is home to many different venues to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking for an affordable yet beautiful spot to host your special day or a luxurious hotel for a five-star occasion, this destination has it all.

Of all the wedding venues in Imerovigli, the Andromeda Villas is one of the most popular choices, and it was here that I headed to capture the wedding of Ng Doi Yee and Hui Chung Yin.

A Beautiful Ceremony In A Stunning Location

The couple’s wedding was being held at the luxury hotel, the Andromeda Villas, in the heart of spectacular Imerovigli. Presided over by Thira’s official celebrant, this wonderful event was held against the glorious backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Here, on the large balcony, we stopped to take beautiful photographs of the pair with the waves and the blue sky behind them – the perfect way to accentuate the splendor of the occasion.

A Post-Wedding Photo Shoot Around The Island

Not only was I delighted to be asked to photograph the celebration itself, I was also given the honor of accompanying the newlyweds on a four-hour photographic tour of the island, taking in some of Santorini’s most picturesque spots. After capturing all of the key moments of the ceremony – the joining of hands, the reading of the vows and the exchanging of rings – we moved on to our post-wedding shoot.

As an experienced Asian wedding photographer, I carefully selected all of the spots on the island that I knew would perfectly suit Asian-style wedding photography. Among the locations that we visited during our shoot was Oia – famous for its white sugar cube buildings and distinctive blue domes – and the lovely Ammoudi Bay with its dramatic clifftop backdrop and traditional fishing boats bobbing in the water. I made sure that I had not only captured the couple to their best advantage, but also the island’s own beautiful natural landscape.

Arranging Your Own Wedding Photoshoot

Are you planning your wedding on Santorini and want to capture the day with some professional photographs? If so, I look forward to hearing from you. As a skilled Santorini wedding photographer with many years of experience, I can offer you a competitively priced package to capture all of the important moments of your big day. I can also offer you a combined wedding and post-wedding shoot package so you can have even more beautiful images by which you can remember your big day. While your wedding day only lasts a few hours, your photographic memories will last a lifetime.

If you are getting married in Santorini and would like Studio Kristo to photograph your wedding in Imerovigli then don’t hesitate to drop us a mail!

Lot’s of love,

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  1. Annie Winston

    We’re planning a small intimate wedding in Mykonos for approximately 10 people at the Saint John Hotel and am looking for someone who can help capture our beautiful day. Are you possibly available on the 31st of May 2019?

  2. Karen li


    I want to ask about the asian pre-wedding photo pricing. We will be in Santorini for honeymoon but would like to tale some photos with professionally done hair, makeup, and maybe outfits.


  3. Paula Kovačić

    Hello 😉
    My name is Paula and I’m from Croatia,me and my future husband are coming 19.9.18 to Santorini to get married. We and ours best man & maid of honor.
    Ceremony will be at st.Irini chapel,we are staying in Epavlis hotel.
    Our wedding venue is not yet reserved,we are looking still (maybe you have few sugestions?) ,our wedding planer is Liz Sakellaridis from Kamari Tours Weddings.
    Ok, now you know a few information (and a little bit more 😉 ). Your work is recommended from Bobo Grujic of My Travel agency Croatia. I want to know are you free to do are wedding photography and how much does it cost and what includes in price? Thank you very much! Best regards from us 😉

  4. Rachel Tong


    I am from Singapore and planning to go Greece for honeymoon in either Sep or Oct 2018.
    My fiancee and I would like to take this opportunity to have our wedding shoot at Santorini.

    Hence, we would to make some enquiries if we are going to engage your service:
    1) What is the cost of doing a wedding shoot in Santorini?
    2) Other than the photographer, is there any make up artist provided?
    3) Are we suppose to bring our own wedding grown/dress/suit for the photo shoot?
    4) For those photos taken, are the file big enough to be developed into a big poster (1.5m by 1.5m)?
    5) What other things we need to take note of or what things we need to bring from Singapore?

    For your kind advice please.

    Rachel Tong

  5. Melissa Cronje

    Good day

    We are looking for a photographer for our wedding on 13 June 2018.

    Would you please send us your packages?

    Please let me know what information you need to put a quotation together.


  6. Marianna

    Hi, we have been let down last minute by our photographer for our symbolic service at 12 midday and really hoping that someone can rescue our wedding. We are eloping in secret. Just the 2 of us and ideally want some romantic photos in a few locations. Can you help please.

  7. Nick


    My boyfriend and I are traveling to Greece for the first time in August together. In each destination we visit, we take the same photo in front of an iconic or well-known landscape or landmark. To commemorate our trip to Greece, we’d like to do a flying dress photoshoot in front of the famous white-washed structures in Oia. I understand that we’ll have an hour of time, so I would like to have our photo together taken and then take a few by myself. I am a ballet dancer and would like to take a few photos in my pointe shoes in the same location, assuming we have time for both.

    We are interested in a one-hour photo shoot and a flying dress rental. We will only be in Santorini for one day (August 14th), and we’d like to do it at sunset if it is at all possible. Let us know if you’ve got any availability – we’d love to work with you!

    Thank you,
    Nick and Maria

  8. Robert

    We are taking a cruise and want to have a small reception of maybe 20-30 people at the akor santorini site. We would love to work with you for photography for about 2 hrs. I’d be interested in finding out if you are free for this date and how much it would be. We would like photos onsite and at the beach.

    thank you

  9. Susi

    We, Susi and Yanni, are getting married in July in Sifnos. Would you like to be our photographer for this special day for us? What are your rates?

  10. Trisha

    We are UK couple eloping in Imerovigli in June. We want a couple of hours of your time for portrait tour around the village. It looks that you know all the best spots for portraits. We are quite shy, so any help to feel at ease in front of the camera would be really appreciated.

  11. Nicholas

    Hello there! My fiance and I decided to get married in Imerovigli on July 23rd, 2021 and are looking for a good photographer for pictures of us as a couple and of us with our families that will be attending following our beautiful ceremony. Due to having an extremely tight budget, we are seeking just a hour for the above types of pictures. Is the cost €200 as stated in your pricing page and how many pictures should be expect to get?

    We SO appreciate your time and any consideration!

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