Santorini Wedding in Imerovigli

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There is no doubt that Imerovigli is one of the most popular wedding photography destinations on the island of Santorini, if not in the whole of Greece, for Chinese couples. And there’s a good reason why this is the case. The scenery here is absolutely spectacular, with uninterrupted panoramic views across the stunning blue sea and traditional white Greek architecture. What could be a better backdrop to your wedding photos?

Even better, Imerovigli is home to many different venues to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking for an affordable yet beautiful spot to host your special day or a luxurious hotel for a five-star occasion, this destination has it all.

Of all the wedding venues in Imerovigli, the Andromeda Villas is one of the most popular choices, and it was here that I headed to capture the wedding of Ng Doi Yee and Hui Chung Yin.

A Beautiful Ceremony In A Stunning Location

The couple’s wedding was being held at the luxury hotel, the Andromeda Villas, in the heart of spectacular Imerovigli. Presided over by Thira’s official celebrant, this wonderful event was held against the glorious backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Here, on the large balcony, we stopped to take beautiful photographs of the pair with the waves and the blue sky behind them – the perfect way to accentuate the splendor of the occasion.

A Post-Wedding Photo Shoot Around The Island

Not only was I delighted to be asked to photograph the celebration itself, I was also given the honor of accompanying the newlyweds on a four-hour photographic tour of the island, taking in some of Santorini’s most picturesque spots. After capturing all of the key moments of the ceremony – the joining of hands, the reading of the vows and the exchanging of rings – we moved on to our post-wedding shoot.

As an experienced Asian wedding photographer, I carefully selected all of the spots on the island that I knew would perfectly suit Asian-style wedding photography. Among the locations that we visited during our shoot was Oia – famous for its white sugar cube buildings and distinctive blue domes – and the lovely Ammoudi Bay with its dramatic clifftop backdrop and traditional fishing boats bobbing in the water. I made sure that I had not only captured the couple to their best advantage, but also the island’s own beautiful natural landscape.

Arranging Your Own Wedding Photoshoot

Are you planning your wedding on Santorini and want to capture the day with some professional photographs? If so, I look forward to hearing from you. As a skilled Santorini wedding photographer with many years of experience, I can offer you a competitively priced package to capture all of the important moments of your big day. I can also offer you a combined wedding and post-wedding shoot package so you can have even more beautiful images by which you can remember your big day. While your wedding day only lasts a few hours, your photographic memories will last a lifetime.

If you are getting married in Santorini and would like Studio Kristo to photograph your wedding in Imerovigli then don’t hesitate to drop us a mail!

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