Santorini Symbolic Wedding in Firostefani

Wedding Venue Firostefani Santorini

Photography is my passion and traveling adds more eyes to a photographer’s vision. I loved traveling and had been on a hectic travel schedule for work. I was on my way to my home in Santorini just having completed an assignment in Athens. Traveling keeps me going and my next assignment landed me in Firostefani, a small village in Greece. Firostefani lies close to the famous Caldera. I was given the opportunity to photograph a lovely wedding couple at the Sun Rocks Venue there.

The Wedding

The couple; Sean, the groom and Sereena, the bride are US citizens. But they desired to perform a symbolic wedding with their respective families in Santorini. Considering it was symbolic wedding it was a tad bit funny, but the way and manner in which it were executed by a couple in question definitely oozed tons of class and a real passion for love and matrimony.

The participants

The groom, Sean was a wonderful guy with a smashing personality. When he first saw his bride all dressed-up and ready to be his forever he had that wonderful sparkle in his eyes, a sparkle that twinkled only passion and a deep love for his to-be wife. The bride had an excitement that was contagious and difficult to contain. She looked gorgeous in her stunning white bridal gown. Simple and classy, her gown had a Victorian edge that I tried to capture in my reels. The guests wore lovely bright color clothes, very brunch-like clothes. This flattered my photographs.

Weather and Location

The breezy and sunny morning made the wedding a perfect to shoot for me. The shots were beautifully clicked; the colors, the bride and groom wore enhanced, and the beauty of their skin tones along with constant natural kissing sunlight gave an unexplainable contrast to my photos. The breeze was cold, but the warmth of the sun, and the hearts on the verge of holy matrimony were creating a heavenly aura at the Sun Rocks Hotel in Firostefani.

Kristo’s thoughts
Although only symbolic in nature, this wedding was not short of any other wedding. In fact, I would say this symbolic wedding was a very beautiful and memorable wedding. What would more a photographer want? A lovely stunningly beautiful bride, a superbly handsome groom, a picturesque location and the backdrop of a blue and green sea as the icing on the wedding cake! It was a truly memorable wedding that has been caught in time forever.