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Welcome to Studio Kristo, and welcome to the beautiful island of Santorini.

. My name is Kristo, and I am a professional freelance photographer based here on this lovely Greek island. With years of experience in the profession, I don’t just view photography as a career but as a passion. After all, they often say “happy is the man whose job is also his hobby” – well, I’m that man! I often think that I’m the luckiest person in the world to have the opportunity to use my skills every day and to help other people from all over the globe to discover the very best of Santorini and Greece and to see the most beautiful side of themselves. How did I get to be in such a fortunate position? Let me tell you a little about how it all began.

How It All Started

This website is all about real love, travels and the emotions which are brought out through my lens. In 2002, I founded Studio Kristo and began my first steps in photography. Since then, I have connected with so many amazing people and have had the joy and privilege of being able to capture some of the most important moments in their lives. For me photography is a fascinating journey that utilizes the stunning surroundings of Santorini to create some of the best photos that my clients have ever seen or experienced.

Not only do I provide freelance photography services on Santorini itself, I also cover other parts of Greece including Crete, the Cyclades and other Greek cities. I also travel overseas to international destinations to help my clients to preserve their most precious memories.

If you haven’t worked with me before but are interested in finding out more about my photography services, feel free to check out my reviews. You can find out more about me and my work on travel forums such as TripAdvisor, and I have been featured in many journals, so you can be confident about the high quality of the photographic images that I create.

Why Choose Studio Kristo For Your Photography?

I know that hiring a local Santorini Photographer can be a challenging task. There are lots of professional photographers offering their services both on Santorini itself and in the surrounding areas of Greece. So, why should you choose Studio Kristo above all of them? The difference lies in my promise to you. Unlike other photographers who are only interested in snapping the key shots of your photo shoot, it is my mission to provide a truly memorable, once in a lifetime, photography experience. I’m not here to just be your photographer – I’m here to be your friend too, helping you to get the results you desire from your photography session and working with you from the very first contact to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the results. You can feel free to contact me by telephone or email at any time. It’s never too much trouble for me to respond, and I take pleasure in answering your messages. My team and I are here with you, every step of the way of your Santorini photography journey, and we’re always on hand to answer your questions, offer you our expert advice and to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day itself. Of course, while we’re a professional team, we’re also keen to make sure that you enjoy yourselves throughout your photo shoot. It should be a fun and happy experience, and we want you to remember your special day for all the right reasons. We’ll make sure you feel at ease and relaxed from start to finish so that you can have fond memories that will last a lifetime.
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Our Event Planning Services

Not only do I offer professional photography services, I can also help you to plan special events on our beautiful island. If you are planning to propose to a special someone on Santorini, I can help you to plan the occasion so that it takes place in the most amazing way. It’s my pleasure to help you with every element of the arrangements, from the best way to pop the question to finding the best locations in Santorini for your engagement. I have selectively created a variety of unique proposal scenarios and ideas for you to choose from so you can make sure that your significant other will remember this once in a lifetime moment forever.

What else should you know about me?

Not only am I a professional photographer with a passion for my home island of Santorini, I am also an artist and avid overseas traveler. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk, to laugh and to love. I have a lot of energy and one of the greatest joys of my life lies in meeting new people. That is what makes this job so special – I have the opportunity to meet countless exciting new people every day! When I’m not behind my camera, I go cycling – the perfect way to find beautiful spots around the island which are perfect for photo shoots!

Favorite Photo Shoot Styles

One of my favorite photo shoot styles is my Santorini pre – wedding photo shoot. This is where I can capture images of the moments that a bride has so carefully planned for and yet often misses. These shoots are very popular among Chinese couples and other Asian couples who come to Santorini from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia who are planning to get married abroad and want a pre wedding photo shoot. However, our pre-wedding shoots are also a wonderful opportunity for engaged couples of any nationality to capture the precious moments of this special time in their lives.

Trash The Dress

Also known as a bridal glamor or fearless bridal session, this is an idea that began in the US but it works perfectly in Greece too thanks to our stunning and unique locations. This type of shoot involves wearing your wedding dress once again and taking part in a shoot in unusual settings. Brides usually “trash their dress” on the beach, but other popular spots include streets, rooftops, fields, abandoned buildings and many other crazy places.

About the Studio

Studio Kristo is a legal Santorini photography company. We pay taxes and comply with all Greek laws. You are always welcome to visit our office and meet our team. Of course, we are also happy to come to you too. Our License Number is 1144E60000113401 under the brand name Notos Travel.

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