aegina photographer

Only 15 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus is a paradise island, Aegina. Thankfully it’s not as popular as the other Greek islands. But the diversity here is utterly astounding! It makes sense why Aegina is Mei’s and Andy’s favorite destination. Just a ferry hop from Piraeus and you relish an island with an abundance of historical buildings, stunning beaches, and a vast amount of countryside. What a better place in Greece to take your pre wedding photos then?

I was stunned when the couple asked me to travel to Aegina for their engagement photos. A couple of days ago I had just completed a lovely wedding in Athens. So, instead of traveling back to Santorini I jumped into the ferry accompanied by the pro hair/make-up artist. It was late march when we did the photoshoot in Aegina, still far from the peak season.  I arrived there a couple of days before the couple to explore the island and find the best photographic spots of Aegina. The day before the shoot me wet at the couple’s hotel and finalized the shooting itinerary. We were all so excited for the upcoming photo shooting!

The following day the hair/make-up artist arrived as early as sunrise to take care of Mei. I arrived soon after to capture some shots of the preparations.  By 8:00am we were all ready to hit the beach for the first engagement photos. The ocean front was such a treat, and the weather was surprisingly warm all day. After the casual beach pics Mei and Andy dressed up with their wedding attires and we headed to the inland of Aegina for more wedding photos. The tower of Markellos was one of our highlights before the romance into the yellow, wild flowers. Aegina was wearing its best colors in spring! We ended the Aegina photo session at a remote traditional port. Beautifully decorated with small traditional fishing boats it was the perfect location to seal the couple’s love before their wedding day.

If you are traveling to Aegina and looking for an experienced photographer drop me a message. I would love to plan and conduct a fantastic photography session based on your interests and needs.