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Today’s travelers have it much easier than those of even just a decade ago. Of course it’s all thanks to the power of technology and the Internet. In a matter of a few minutes, people can easily fully book a trip to almost any destination. They can buy a plane ticket, arrange their taxi pick ups, book a hotel, download maps and whatever notes they need. In addition to that, budget carriers have revolutionary made overseas trips more affordable to everybody. Gone are the days when people used to spend all their lives in the same place and tour was a word for the rich and famous people only. Furthermore, the tourism industry has developed globally. Tourists can choose their stay from a variety of low-cost hotels, hostels and villas that are available for online booking.

A captivating photo shoot

This time, I took some outstanding pictures of Julia, an online writer, a lovable, sexy, joyful and proactive blond girl from the Russian Federation. Julia considers herself as a citizen of the world, since she has visited more than 40 countries. She does not think that she is a blogger. In particular, she just travels for leisure activities using every possibility and likes to tell her friends about her trips in her blog ( Julia admits that she has a less stressful lifestyle by traveling more and by leaving her cares behind. She loves to taste different types of foods, clothing, cultures, environment and living. Julia also told me that the experience she gathers firsthand is much more important than reading or learning in other ways. Santorini was her latest destination before continuing to Asia for work. The online pictures that she saw of the deep blue waters, the blue domed churches, the volcanic landscapes and the whitewashed houses made her to fell in love with the island. Thus she immediately booked her flight tickets to Greece. Santorini is now officially included into her huge travel portfolio.

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  1. Nakul Shah


    We are looking for a professional couple photoshoot. We are arriving in Santorini on 23rd August and we have 24th and 25th August available for photoshoot. We are looking for either a 2 hour or 3 hour photoshoot. Let us know if you have any dates available.


  2. Viktoriya

    Hello Kristo,
    My friend Vivian and I will be traveling to Greece on August 25th. We both turned 50 years old this year. June 15th was my birthday and hers was May 8th, she’s been such a great friend and I wanted to do this photo shoot with her since it’s our Big 50! We don’t need a lot of pictures, just a few and we do not need an hour. Can we get a discount on the price? We will be staying in Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia from 26th of September to the 29th. We arrive via ferry in the afternoon on the 25th. I was wondering if we could do a quick photo shoot because we also want to explore Santorini and we have limited time.

    Thank you so much and Best Regards,

  3. Joyce

    I’m photo model based in Russia, but I travel a lot, especially to Mykonos and Santorini. I have 5 years of experience in modeling. I am also a bikini fitness competitor. Please do not hesitate to contact me, I’m always open to new ideas and connections.

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