Santorini Photography Pricing & Packages

Welcome to my Santorini photography pricing & packages page. This is where I will tell you how much your wedding or couple photoshoot is going to cost you exactly. I aim to accommodate every budget and to provide the top inexpensive photography for my customers in Greece (Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Crete, etc.) or any other abroad destination. No several e-mails and hassle, just straight up to the point. In particular, my Santorini and Greece pre wedding & honeymoon photography packages start at only €180 EUR. Also, If an affordable package listed here isn’t perfect for you, I will be happy to work with you to create a custom one. Regarding payment, I accept bank wire, cash, and Paypal. A small deposit of 25 Euros is required to reserve the date in Santorini. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out all the options and start building your own perfect photography coverage.

Honeymoon, Pre Wedding, Vacation & Family Photography Packages

  • Highlights Package €180

    • 1 hour photography
    • 1 Location (several different spots)
    • At least 40 Edited Pictures on a USB stick

  • Bronze Package €300

    • 2-hour photography
    • 1 Location (several different spots)
    • Pre Meeting with the photographer
    • At least 80 Edited Pictures on a USB stick
    • Hotel pick up service and transportation with air-conditioned vehicle

  • Silver Package €450

    • 3-hour photography
    • 2 Locations (several different spots)
    • Pre Meeting with the photographer
    • At least 120 Edited Pictures on a USB stick
    • Hotel pick up service and transportation with air-conditioned vehicle

  • Gold Package €600

    • 5-hour photography
    • 4 Locations (several different spots)
    • Pre Meeting with the photographer
    • At least 180 Edited Pictures on a USB sticks
    • Hotel pick up service and transportation with air-conditioned vehicle

  • Majestic Package €800

    • 7-hour photography
    • Unlitimed Locations
    • Pre Meeting with the photographer
    • At least 250 Edited Pictures on a USB stick
    • Hotel pick up service and transportation with air-conditioned vehicle

  • Grand Package €1000

    • 9-hour photography
    • Unlitimed Locations
    • Pre Meeting with the photographer
    • At least 280 Edited Pictures on a USB stick
    • Hotel pick up service and transportation with air-conditioned vehicle

Wedding Packages

wedding photography prices in Santorini
Our hourly rate for a Santorini wedding day coverage is  €200.00 EUR per hour. I don’t have any minimums, so if you only want me to cover a small ceremony and a few couple shots then that’s no problem. Equally, if you want full days coverage from getting ready to first dance then this is fine too. Please get in touch to get a custom quote.

Free travel for Photo Shoots in Greece

Because I’m on a mission to visit all the best wedding destinations in Greece, I would love to let you know that there are no additional travel fees for any destination wedding photography, honeymoon or engagement package booked within the continental Greece. The rate you see is the one you get. There are no hidden or additional costs, no extra charges for what was agreed upon. It’s that easy because I really love to keep all the wedding planning as simple as possible and start talking about the photography and your special needs immediately. If you would like to learn more about my travel policy, kindly visit our page about free travel for wedding photography in Greece.

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  1. Mehul

    We are group of 16 persons. We are looking for a photographer on 13th Aug with us for fira-oia hike with sunset in oia.

    Give us the best price for us.

  2. Lawrence Choe


    We would like enquire on making reservation for outdoor pre-Wedding photo shoot at Santorini (Oia etc) between 13th-17th Jun.

    What will be your best charges for
    1. Makeup and hairdo for bride ?
    2 Photoshoot for 1 full-day and 2 full-days ?

    Appreciate your soonest kind advise ?

    Regards, Lawrence and Tina

  3. Nea

    Me and my husband would like to have a casual photoshoot in santorini, fira /oia. Please let me know the best price. Will be there on 23 and 24 may.

    Thank you.

  4. Daphne Kow

    Please advise if any of the above packages offer gown and suit, make up etc.? If not how much to add on? Where are the packages meant for? Can Santorini be applicable?

  5. Monali

    Hello.. My Husband and me are traveling to Santorini from 26th August to 29th August and would like to have a Photo shoot 28th Aug at 12 noon for 1 hour Fira and Oia..please let me know if you are available and what best rates can you offer please.
    Would your package include make up and hair??
    Await your reply

  6. Abdullah

    Dear Sir/Madam ,
    I am coming to santorini from 31/08/2018 to 2/08/2018 to spend my honeymoon in Imerovigli , and interested in photo session after reviewing your website .
    Kindly, send us your best price and more information about the photo session such ( locations where is the best locations)
    As I am a Muslim , i would like to keep my photos private and posted anywhere is that possible ?

    Im looking forward for your response.


  7. Violet

    Hi. My husband & I are coming to Santorini Sep 17-18-19th. Wanted to get some information about your Photographer and see what’s your fee for 30 minutes of Photography for me & my husband?!

  8. Rahul A

    Hi. My wife and I are visiting Santorini from Sep 7-11. We were interested in the highlights package for 1 hour and wanted to take out photos at Oia/fira – where the white buildings are. Hoping to get an early morning apt for 10am on Sunday Sep 9 if possible.

  9. RAHUL




  10. Rony

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    My wife and I plan to visit Greece for holiday. And we just look through your website, and have interest for Majestic Package.

    Can you pls help me clarify below questions:

    a. Does the package include make up (facial)
    b. Does the package include dressing/clothes, if yes, how many can be choose?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  11. Edmund

    Hi Mr. Kristo,

    We just gotten the itinerary for our honeymoon tour in Greece.
    We should be at Santorini on 29 September to 1 October. Hence, we should be able to do our photo shoot on the 30th September. Will you be available?
    For your kind advise please.

  12. Low Yin, Chan

    We plan to travel to Santorini between 1 and 5 September 2018 for a pre-wedding photography in Santorini. Kindly advise if you are available on any of the above mentioned dates. We wish to get your Silver Package i.e. 3 hours.

  13. Rachel Ji

    I would like to book Gold package in Santorini during my stay ( approximately from Oct 2nd 2018 to Oct 9th 2018 ) for my honeymoon. Would you please check the availability ?
    Thank you !

  14. Gagan

    Hi Kristo,

    My fiancé and I will be in Santorini on August 26th and 27th and 28th 2019. Will you be available on either of this days for some photos? Also what would your fee be? Is it 300 Euros? Looking for 2 hours.



  15. Christina

    Hi, My husband and I are traveling to Santorini September 22-26 and wanted more information and pricing for a casual photo shoot.

  16. Kitty Klekas

    We are coming to Santorini on October 7 thru 11 and would like a family 30 minute photo shoot. There are 5 of us and all adults.let me know your cost. Thank you. Kitty

  17. Violet Macedo

    Hi my name is violet
    My husband and I will be in Santorini in November,was wondering what your price would be for a 30 min photo session?

  18. ciaran

    I was looking at your packages and really like the highlight package. If I was to go for this package where would the location be and would it be decorated with candles or petals ? could I add them if I wanted ? and I could choose a location if I wanted ?
    ciaran murphy

  19. Jeneane Johnston

    Good evening,
    I was referred by Giorgios
    My best friend and I will be in Santorini on March 15th for her birthday. We are looking to take some great pictures while there. We’re only there for 1 day.
    Are you available?

  20. Isabella

    Hello, my name is isabella and I’m from California, USA. My fiancé and I will be traveling to Santorini for the very first time from 5/22/19 – 5/29/19 and planning on doing a pre-wedding photo shoot. I reviewed the packages listed on your website, and we are interested in the Gold Package. We would need additional services: make-up and hair for the bride, and dress rental. I do have a couple of questions related to the extra services I have selected:

    – Do you have suit rental for the groom?
    – Do you have a catalogue to see what types of dresses are available for the photo shoot for the bride? Or is this something we can pick out when we get there?
    – Do the dress rental include shoes?
    – What would be the best date to reserve for the photo session? We will be in Santorini from 5/22/19 – 5/29/19 (leaving on 5/29/19).
    – The pre meeting with the photographer, is this done the day before the photo shoot or on the same day of the photo shoot?
    – The package indicated that the pictures will be on a USB stick, how long would it take before the USB stick will be given back to us after the photo session?

    Please let me know what is the best price you can offer and any additional information you may have. We are really excited and looking forward to this photo session.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Isabella and Wei

  21. Alvie Sumalbag

    We will be traveling to Santorini from April 9-13, 2019. We would like photos taken of our family in Oia. We are a family of 5 (3 kids 12, 10 and 6). We will also have 2 grandparents with us. Looking at doing big group photo, family of 5 photo, 2 separate couples photos and kids photo. Interested in the Highlights package.

  22. Tina

    Good morning,

    My name is Tina. We are visiting your beautiful country next month and I came across your website. We ere interested in the Bronze package listed on your website (300 euros) for April 12, 2019 Friday. Are you available? Looking forward to hearing from you =)

  23. Jenny

    Are you available for a photoshoot in Santorini in August?. Also, Is makeup included in my photoshoot package?

  24. Dina

    We want to hire Kristo as our Santorini Photographer for less than an hour to take some general photos around the island. We are on the budget. Can we get a discount?

  25. Cassandra Hollins

    I’m looking for a photoshoot in May and trying to see if you have any availability. Also is flying dress available for rental

  26. Julia

    Hello! I am originally from Greece (based in Athens) and my fiance Evan is American. We currently live in Washington, DC but will be in Greece this summer. We will be in Santorini for a couple of nights so I thought to look into doing an engagement photoshoot. I was really impressed with your work! Do you have any availability for July 18, 19, or 20? If so, could you please provide me with some information on your services? I am interested in something less time-intensive (maybe the 1-hour shoot) Thank you!

  27. Yamira

    El paquete de 180 incluye traje valador?

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