An amazing Pre Wedding Journey with a Chinese Couple

santorini pre wedding photography

It was another beautiful day on Santorini when Alvin and Kiki prepared to capture one of the most memorable moments of their life together. The couple had crossed seas and traveled across continents to our gorgeous island so that they could make their big day even more special, and I was truly delighted to be able to be a part of the couple’s celebration. I joined the pair for their pre-wedding photo shoot on the island, excited about the opportunity to help the couple capture some truly precious moments.

The Gorgeous Bride And Groom

Alvin arrived for his evening photo shoot in a perfect tuxedo and with an energetic smile. He was so genuine and enthusiastic that he made it a breeze to capture the perfect shot. Meanwhile, this beautiful bride Kiki looked like a real princess in her dazzling white gown wearing a crown of fresh flowers and holding a fantastic bouquet. She was keen to shoot near the famous blue domed churches of Oia – one of the best-known and most picturesque spots on the whole island.

Santorini’s blue domed churches hold a special significance, not only in the hearts of the local people of the island, but also of the many visitors who come here to capture some of their life’s most memorable moments. This place has a very special and unique history, having survived centuries of pirate invasions, earthquakes and combats with its spectacular architecture and artwork still remaining intact. What better place to reflect the flawless love of the happy couple?

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Not only do the blue domed churches hold a mythical significance, they also add color and life to any photograph. It’s no wonder that couples just like Alvin and Kiki flock to Santorini from all over the world to capture significant moments in their lives, from proposals to wedding ceremonies, by these famous buildings. They are truly the perfect backdrop to any once in a lifetime occasion.

Alvin and Kiki’s beautiful bond as a couple really came to the fore in the photos that I took in this charming spot. We took the opportunity to move around the whole village, capturing countless priceless images that really express the couple’s beautiful love story. They are just one more couple who have discovered that Santorini has its own magic power to make love even more powerful and romance even stronger!

Arranging Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Are you thinking of coming to Santorini for your own pre-wedding photo shoot? There are few places anywhere in the world which can offer such stunning scenery and beautiful landscapes. If you’re looking for a pre-wedding photo shoot photographer to capture this special time in your lives, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to bring a little more magic into your special relationship and to help preserve your memories of these wonderful moments in images that will last a lifetime.