Thessaloniki Portrait Photography

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Memories back in abandoned coaches

Alex is a beautiful lady living next to a train cemetery very close to Thessaloniki – the second largest Greek city, capital of Macedonia region. The enticing landscape and breathtaking sea nearby is the backdrop of this important city. Even as the hustle of everyday life overcomes our true self, what is left untouched especially are the memories of childhood. Alex like any other woman, who often used to come over to the abandoned place as a child recalls how she would bring her favorite toys to play.

Ride down memory lane or tracks?

Her bicycle that she rode on as a little girl is still one that brings to life so many memories of hopping on to the bike to reach the train yard. Those were the moments of excitement and adventure she has a special place in her heart. It was in this very place that Alex would be her own, realizing how much she would enjoy with her bicycle getting inside the abandoned coaches, to hide and explore the busy city from a far!

Free yet captivated

She would lay down on the tracks and feel the breeze, with a muffler folded around her wrists as if to signify that she is captivated and left on the tracks. Being free, yet so much attached to the place that she’d love to be there forever! Even though the scenic beauty of the city is so alluring, it is at the lone railways yard she would love to be arrested – holding her childhood close to her or waiting to look back through the years of her journey, we wonder?

Grandmother’s gift – More precious memories

Not just that, Alex as the child who loved to have fun would bring her precious Santa hat gifted by her grandmother. Christmas and the very meaning of festivity that induces into the joy of giving was the thought behind the gift. That she loved Santa (every child does as a kid, though Alex still loves those surprising gifts) holds those feelings close to her, playing inside the abandoned coached peeping out of the window. Does she get reminded of her holidays and vacations during childhood? Is it some kind of “The Polar Express” feeling where kids would travel to the station where Santa packs gifts for children to be sent out on Christmas Eve? How exciting would it be then to see the train coming alive glittering with bells and trinkets making fantasies real?

Nothing’s changed but seems so much unexplored!

The train cemetery abandoned for so many long years has un-kept grass growing around the coaches. Alex strikes a picture perfect pose standing inside the coach – the vendor compartment trying to replicate the old times when she would come here. Her bicycle for company, relieving those precious years during childhood, what fun and amazement would capture her senses. She is all set to take a ride yet again and explore the place after so many years trying to recognize everything that would fascinate her as a child and make this abandoned spot such an important part of her life.

Playing with the pinwheel and flute

Alex loved playing with her pinwheel. It was a favorite toy that she would hold in her hand and blow trying to spin it as fast as she could. The wind in the train cemetery was perfect for her to let the wheel spin and spin faster. The flute among her toys really made her feel happy every time she played it. Her most cherished musical instrument and perhaps the first that introduced her to melody. Those little fingers have now grown and so has Alex become an attractive women feeling a bit sad to have left her fun filled and fabulous childhood days. It’s amazing how Alex got to visit her childhood at her most favorite place in the city. Amidst all that flurry of activity and serene landscape, the graveyard certainly gave her a reason to come back there and revisit those golden years of her life!