Santorini Anniversary Photography

santorini anniversary photography

A Memorable First Year Wedding Anniversary in Santorini

Falling in love is a beautiful experience. The journey will become a lot more special with time. As a professional photographer, I have understood the real meaning in these words by snapping many couples who celebrate their first year wedding anniversary. My most recent anniversary photography session was with Miral and Karim.

The duo approached me few weeks before their first year wedding anniversary! Karim sent me a mail, describing his needs and wants. He declared his love for Miral and stated that he wished to surprise his wife with an astonishing photograph session. The couple had already enjoyed a wonderful engagement photo shoot in Santorini in the past. Conversely, he wanted their first year anniversary in the same glorious island. They were aware of the location, its beauty, colorful nature and traditional elements.

The right time for a perfect snap!

The beautiful couple preferred an evening photo shoot session. As the sun prepared the sky for the evening, Miral and Karim became exceptionally intimate! They were dressed in casual outfits. Karim wore a stripped T-Shirt and white shorts. While, Miral opted for a blue dress that suited her wavy hair and charming smile. The scintillating photo shoot began in the Caldera cliffs, with Santorini buildings as its background. With the Mediterranean Sea in one side and buildings in the other, we clicked a precious snap.

As time passed, we clicked many photos in the streets. Once again, with Santorini’s picturesque buildings in the background, we photographed the couple, as they walked down the roads. Miral wanted unique photos that are different from conventional portfolios. And, now we halted near Home Made Desserts. Here, Karim kissed Miral gently and was prepared to buy yummy chocolates for his loved one!

A peaceful Shot

A momentous shot was captured around 6 pm! By this time, we reached the Blue Domed Churches and the couple settled peacefully on the white walls. Here we took a relaxed shot, with Miral on Karim’s lap. In the next frame, Karim carried Miral and began his first year wedding anniversary celebrations.

The Antique Background

The final click was captured near the stone buildings. This is an antique building, known for its architectural and historical significance. As the couple amused over the destination’s flowers and stones, we captured a huge array of pictures.

One year on and I wish many more to go!

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  1. Peggy Yap

    We are from Malaysia. We go Santorini for our 11th wedding anniversary. Thinking want to have 5 hours photo session.
    Can I know what is the mean of edited photo? Is it call retouch , like edit to look slimmer and some artistic retouch? Or edited is merely light adjustment and crop?

  2. Cynthia Beck

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on Santorini Sept. 17 through Sept. 25. (arrive Sept. 17, depart Sept. 25). I would like to do a Silver session with you for photographs of us together and perhaps a few individual shots also. The only reserved time at this moment is we have a dinner reservation for Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. I would prefer a “twilight” time be included in our appointment if possible, but am happy to take recommendation from you.
    Thank you–Cynthia Beck

  3. Amanda Fry

    Hello, my husband and I will be travelling to Santorini in September for our anniversary and I was hoping to find out about prices for an hour long photo session. We just want to get some pictures of the two of us with the beautiful scenery. We are staying in Oia and that is the area I would really like the photos to be taken. Could you please let me know how much this would cost and anything else I should know? We will be in Santorini from September 18-20. Thank you!

  4. Natalie Tang

    Hi, This is Katie, I am planning to have a photo shoot during my trip on 8-10 July at Santorini for my 8th wedding anniversary.
    I would like to have a morning shooting session + sunset session, what package is suitable for me?

  5. Debopriyo Banerjee

    We will be visiting santorini for my 5th year anniversary from New Jersey, USA on June 30, 2017. We would like to go for the Euro 180 package. Please let me know if the dates are available.

  6. Sinthya Eriksson

    My name is Sinthya and I am from Sweden. My husband and I will be in Santorini between 25-28th of May 2017. We are celebrating and anniversary and are interested in a 30 min -1h coupleshoot somewhere Beautiful in Oia, Santorini where we will be staying. Are you available in any of these dates? We are flexible with time. Also, we are not sure what time of day wil be most Beautiful in santorini so that we can also maybe discuss with you. Please notify us if you are available and interested.


  7. Siti

    I like to know if you are available for the 3 hour photography in June?
    My husband and i will arrive our hotel maybe around 4+pm on 6 June. We will stay at Imerovigli.
    We can only do the photoshoot either on late afternoon 6 June or 7 or 8 June.
    We will fly back to Athens on 9 June morning.

    Can you advice the price for 2-3 hour photo shoot ?

    Can you advice where are the locations we will go?
    Some of the locations I want is at the red beach, Oia village, Fira and the blue dome church (can’t remember name)

    Also, I prefer a sunset photo is possible?
    How many photos do we get?

    Our request is to have all the raw photos by the same day or latest the following day.
    We understand the edited photos may take time.

    We had a very bad experience where our wedding photographer two years ago did not provide our wedding video/ photos despite us paying full and did not answer all our calls / emails.
    Lucky we had some other photos. This is not a wedding photoshoot, but we hope to wear our wedding outfit (if it still fits), since we did not get good photos/videos from our real wedding

    Thank you


  8. Alison Vu

    Hi! My name is Alison. I’m from the USA. We are coming to Santorini June 26-June 29th. We are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary and also doing our baby moon. I would love for you to do our maternity pictures! We have June 28th free all day and June 29 (only morning because we fly out that afternoon). Let me know if you are available to take our pictures! I love your style of photography! We will be staying at Santo Maris Oia. Well hope to hear from you soon either way:)

  9. Yip Zhang

    Hi, we are celebrating our wedding anniversary at Santorini and would like to get some nice photographs. My wife is also pregnant and will be meaningful for us.
    We will be in Santorini from 3-7 July 2017. We would probably like to start the photoshoot in the late afternoon, and end with a sunset shoot. Looking at not more than 2-3 hours.

    Can you help to give a quotation?
    We also like to find out how many images can we expect from the shoot.

  10. Emma Bernard

    My husband and I are celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary in Santorini this year and would like to do a photo shoot (half day or full day) of the two of us.
    We are in Santorini from the 11.09.-20.09.2017.
    Should you have availability during this period, please can you send me a quote via email.

    Kind regards,
    Emma Bernard

  11. Bethany Preeta

    Hi! My husband and I will be coming to Santorini and we would love to have a small photoshoot on the beautiful island as a memoir of our wedding anniversary.

    We are looking at 2 hours or so and we would love to know more details regarding the price, number of pictures returned, locations, etc.

    Looking forward to hear from you! 🙂



    Hi Kristo,
    I chanced upon your beautiful pictures online and am really captivated with those shots.
    I travel around the world on every wedding anniversary of mine, which also happens to be my birthday, to have beautiful couple photography. It has been a good 13 years. I have always wanted to be at Greece, Santorini. Your pictures make me really wanna visit this awesome place.
    Can you please provide me more details with pricing and duration?
    Thank you for your kind understanding.

  13. Cecilia

    Hi , I’m Cecilia from Malaysia , I and my husband would to have a small album for a memory of our 19th years anniversary , we join a tour to Greece on 13th -22nd October . And we have one free day at Santorini on 19th Oct, Would like to looking the affordable cost for the photographer.
    Please recommend . Thank you.

  14. Sarwar Mazid

    My wife and I are going to be in Santorini to celebrate our second year wedding anniversary. We are interested in doing a photoshoot on Tuesday, August 16.

    How much do you charge for a 1 or 2 hour session?

  15. Maissa Salhi


    Me husband and me would like to make a photo session on the occasion of our 2nd wedding anniversary. We will be in Santorini. We would like to make a photo session to memories this occasion.
    *Are you available on August 1st?
    *What location do you suggest for the shooting?
    *What would be the fee for the shooting?
    Best regards

  16. Manika Pahwa

    Hey there! It’s our first anniversary & I wish to surprise my husband with a photoshoot planned there on 9th December. Could you please tell me the cost & duration of the photoshoot? Thanks in advance.

  17. Anne Nicholls

    My husband and I were looking to get a few photos taken of us during our visit in Santorini. We will be there on September 8 and 9 2019 (we don’t care which day/time between the two days) and would like at least one of the pictures by September 8 so we can share with our family and friends as this day is our anniversary. Could you please provide a quote for this? We were looking for something budget friendly. If you are not available or a higher price range do you have any recommendations for other photographers? We really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Thank you,

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