Santorini Anniversary Photography

santorini anniversary photography

A Memorable First Year Wedding Anniversary in Santorini

Falling in love is a beautiful experience. The journey will become a lot more special with time. As a professional photographer, I have understood the real meaning in these words by snapping many couples who celebrate their first year wedding anniversary. My most recent anniversary photography session was with Miral and Karim.

The duo approached me few weeks before their first year wedding anniversary! Karim sent me a mail, describing his needs and wants. He declared his love for Miral and stated that he wished to surprise his wife with an astonishing photograph session. The couple had already enjoyed a wonderful engagement photo shoot in Santorini in the past. Conversely, he wanted their first year anniversary in the same glorious island. They were aware of the location, its beauty, colorful nature and traditional elements.

The right time for a perfect snap!

The beautiful couple preferred an evening photo shoot session. As the sun prepared the sky for the evening, Miral and Karim became exceptionally intimate! They were dressed in casual outfits. Karim wore a stripped T-Shirt and white shorts. While, Miral opted for a blue dress that suited her wavy hair and charming smile. The scintillating photo shoot began in the Caldera cliffs, with Santorini buildings as its background. With the Mediterranean Sea in one side and buildings in the other, we clicked a precious snap.

As time passed, we clicked many photos in the streets. Once again, with Santorini’s picturesque buildings in the background, we photographed the couple, as they walked down the roads. Miral wanted unique photos that are different from conventional portfolios. And, now we halted near Home Made Desserts. Here, Karim kissed Miral gently and was prepared to buy yummy chocolates for his loved one!

A peaceful Shot

A momentous shot was captured around 6 pm! By this time, we reached the Blue Domed Churches and the couple settled peacefully on the white walls. Here we took a relaxed shot, with Miral on Karim’s lap. In the next frame, Karim carried Miral and began his first year wedding anniversary celebrations.

The Antique Background

The final click was captured near the stone buildings. This is an antique building, known for its architectural and historical significance. As the couple amused over the destination’s flowers and stones, we captured a huge array of pictures.

One year on and I wish many more to go!