Asian Memorable Photography

We love photographing couples traveling from Asia.  The Chinese have traditions that count many centuries, for every occasion, including weddings! We have clients who have traveled from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali and other countries to get married here in Greece and Santorini or just take photos wearing their wedding dresses and gowns. Our sessions usually include 3 or 4 changes of clothes. Some photo samples can been seen here, but if you would like to enjoy the whole sessions please visit the specific Asian Photography Category.

Why couples from Asia choose us

Kristo Di Giorio, head photographer of the Studio, has traveled many times to Asia not only for business but also for tourism since he really likes the Asian traditions, like Betrohal ( Chinese: 過大禮; pinyin: guo dàlǐ, also known as 納彩 or nàcǎi), Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese  traditions. Kristo is also very interested in the culture and their way of life. This kind of experience helps him easily understand what kind of pictures his clients would like to have. Recently, he has also started learning the Chinese language (The standard Mandarin dialect) in order to make the communication with his clients much easier.