Athens Family Photo Shoot in Greece

Athens Family Photo Shoot in Greece

Hi, I’m Kristo, a newborn, child, and Athens family photographer located in the fascinating Greece. People recognize me for my happy personality, creativity, love and patience with children. I’m one of the most sought after new born and family photographers in Athens and recently in worldwide destinations. I have done family shoots in Paris, Bucharest and Santorini. My passion are also the maternity shoots. This is my most recent family photography in Athens, Greece’s capital.

The Wonderful American Family

Flora and Kevin, are originally from US but now live and work in Germany. The couple was planning to run the Athens marathon. They were also bringing their daughters with them. Their little girls were 7 years and 8 months old and the family liked to do an Athens family photography session then as well. These guys belong to the adventurous and travel addicts. Flora is a brunette, alluring lady who gave birth to her second daughter a few months ago. It’s awesome how well she has maintained this model – perfect shape! Likewise, her husband Kevin, is an attractive athletic gentleman & father who takes his family responsibilities very seriously. The hotel that they were staying at was Divani Apollon Palace & Thallaso. It’s a deluxe 5-star European style hotel with scenic views to the Mediterranean sea.

The portrait shoot in Athens

Along with the make up artist, Nantiana, we arrived at the hotel around 09:30 a.m. Nantiana, did the perfect natural make up & eye look for Flora! She also took care of the modern hairdo for the mother and her daughter. Her job was marvelous! Since this was their first time in Greece, the family had no idea in location. As a result, they were very excited that I know of some of the best locations in the city. Not to mention that they were all so easy going and the whole session ran really smooth.

The most challenging part of this Athens family photography, was to make it’s members stand out well while capturing the essence of the city! Thus I took advantage of the short breastfeeding breaks and captured some very nice and natural pics of this important bond. In the meanwhile, the baby was so calm into her mother hug; she didn’t cry at all! I have to admit that she seemed to enjoy the day as much as we all did! Please scroll down to see a few more of my favorite family pictures in Athens city, Greece.

hairdo kid photographer

Nantiana took care of the little daughter too. Look at her cute face and how patiently is waiting for the hair dresser to finish up with the hairdo!

Divani Apollon Palace & Thallaso room view

The Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso features a private beach. The Mediterranean Sea view was breathtaking!

It’s said that breastfeeding not only tends to produce happy and healthy babies, but it also creates confident mothers!

mom breastfeeding her daugher

Flora was smiling joyfully! She was full of happiness over their newborn child!

breestfeeding natural-family photo

The same natural pic from a different angle!

close up breastfeeding-baby

Such a powerful image to me! The baby was so CALM laying next to the mother, so content.

The outdoor pictures

family photographer in Greece and Athens outdoors

Then we continued outside for more family pics in Athens having the weather on our side.

forest family photo shoot posing ideas

This family was so united and had such an intimate time together during the photo shoot!

The mother and daughter duo posed like real celebrity stars!

father holding daughter

Kevin was holding his 7-months old daughter, assuring her in a calm voice that all was O.K.! Such a great father!!

greece family photography

We took so many gorgeous shots! The sun gave us an incredible glow!

The two adorable sisters

Then, came the time to take a few pictures of the two sweethearts! The sisters were so attached and in tune with one another that made the pictures pop! Amber, was always taking care of her younger sister and together posed so naturally in front of my camera. It was now when became more creative and the following picture turned out my favorite one. We gathered some fallen leaves, threw them in the air and… Voilà! A pic that precisely represents the love of the kids!

young sisters creative portraiture

Being creative is a great gift that I have given to myself.

Creative family photographer in Athens

Athens’s provides endless photographic opportunities… if you have the smart eye to recognize them! 🙂

And then, back in action with more fun and the members ready for new challenges!

fearless photographer greece

Without doubt, They were all fearless and didn’t hesitate to climb at the top of this rocky butte!

family photoshoot in greece greece

I loved the contrast between the clouds and the deep blue sky!

bw mom newborn daughter

Bingo! These are the stairs that head up to the top of the butte!

A stop at the Hans & Gretel sweet shop

This store is like a kid’s dream!! It is bright and colorful! What’s more, it offers a ton of selections between barks, brittle, truffles, candies apples and pretzels, and fudge! If you have a little one, they may not want to leave the shop and this is what happened to us!!

hans gretel athens store

This is where we tried out some tasty drinks at the wicked witch’s house!! Amber fell in love with the place immediately!

freelancer destination family photography

Amber couldn’t stop admiring the place and enjoying her drink at the same time!

baby sleep mothers hug

And then the little princess fell asleep in her mommy’s arms.

newborn sleeping

and the princess was dreaming peacefully….

newborn looking for breastfeed

Once we lowered the lights, suddenly she woke up and touched her mom’s breast seeking feed!

The final creative shots

The pictures speak for themselves, so no captions needed!

bw family love pic

young girl outdoor natural portrait
father daughter outdoor natural creative bw
vintage style edited mom child
professional family photographer in Athens

newborn creative breastfeeding picture

If you are looking for a Family Photographer to capture your family’s moments in Athens or further afield, I will happily travel to you in Greece. Some of the destinations that I also love to shoot are Corfu, Crete, Zante, Mykonos, Santorini and many more.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Lot’s of love,

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  1. Hello
    We are coming for holiday to Athens, a couple with a child. Just want a few shots in this blissful place. Would like to know the cost involved and how to go about it.

  2. Hello Kristo,

    I found your website on the internet and I am interested to book for August 12 for our family photo (2 kids and 2 adults). Right now I am debating between gold and majestic package. Any suggestions? Also on the photo shoots day, how many set of clothes are needed/recommended? Any other things you think that we should aware?



  3. Dear Kristo,

    I’m luma from Jordan and planning to visit greece with my husband and baby in September 8-16. We will spend few days in crete, santorini & then athens. I would like to freeze the irreplaceable moments of my baby at this age and to have a photo session mainly for him and for the three of us together and where else better than on the beach. I think Crete (September 8-10) will be the best place for this in terms of backdrop & timing, i need your recommendation and if you are available what would be the arrangement; time & length of session, package..

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


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  5. We are a family of 4 adults from South Korea and I thought that it would be lovely to have a short photoshoot to make our trip more memorable. 2 hours should be enough.

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