Santorini Pre Wedding Photography

Malaysian couple in Santorini

The pre-wedding photography wait was over

Flying far away to Santorini, the gem of Aegean, from Malaysia didn’t make Yann and Joyce become exhausted. On the contrary their hearts were filled with anticipation instead. Since dating till now, Santorini has been the one and only place they dream of for capturing their pre wedding photos of love and happiness. Their longing for the most romantic and beautiful pre wedding photoshoot in Santorini had brought them here. The wonderful Thira with deep blue Aegean ocean, warm sunlight and clean blue white cliff top houses did a very great welcome. It was beyond expectation to Yann and Joyce. Finally, the wait was over.

Steps of Pre-wedding Happiness in Santorini

The Santorini pre wedding photographs were intended to capture their every step of happiness before their big day in life. The couple worked so well with me that the photoshoot went in a smoothly and sometimes funny way. The Greek island which has always been their favorite place. Finally it became the witness to their steps to the wedding. With the scenic background of the twinkling blue Aegean Ocean and the white blue cliff top houses, Joyce stood beautifully like a goddess in white. She was holding a white rose while waiting for her beloved Yann to come over to her. When he finally came, Joyce smiled beautifully. Pre wedding photos in Santorini doesn’t mean that we should do everything in a formal and rigid way. Joyce and Yann knew this well. Thus they relaxed and naturally blended with the surrounding while having their pictures taken. I also captured naturally Joyce that was teasing Yann in the classic black and white.

When Two Engaged Hearts Become One

Being in love with the right one in the right time has never been this perfect. Both Yann and Joyce are very grateful to be able to step this far. Their love for each other is as deep as the Aegean Ocean and as long as the Santorini blue sky above their heads. It was so nice photographing their smiles while exchanging lovely gaze were often in different poses. Walking hand in hand with Joyce under the sunlight and the refreshing sea breeze was the greatest moment to have in life for Yann. The hug given by Yann had warmed Joyce’s heart and made her feel secure. What else can be more romantic than standing facing the sea from the cliff with your beloved one hugging you? The kiss they did was so romantic yet not vulgar and I beautifully froze it. Finally, the sunset ended the elegant Santorini photo shoots with Yann and Joyce in the awesome Oia.