Chinese Wedding Photography in Santorini

Chinese Couple Pre Wedding Photography in Santorini

At one time, Chinese couples who were planning their wedding would head to an indoor photography studio to have their pre-wedding photos taken. However, these days, traveling overseas has become more common as thousands of couples save for years to cover the cost of traveling to their dream destination where they can capture the most stunning images of the happy couple in stunning natural surroundings.

Greece is a popular destination among Chinese couples looking for a beautiful place to capture these precious memories, and of all of Greece’s gorgeous islands, Santorini is a top choice thanks to its spectacular scenery. There is an extremely high demand among Chinese couples for Santorini photography services, and, often, skilled freelance photographers can be booked many months in advance.

Teo And Rina’s Story

Teo and his future wife Rina, from Shanghai, were heading to Santorini to have their pre-wedding photographs taken and were looking for a talented Greek freelance photographer who could capture this once in a lifetime occasion. With this in mind, they were lucky enough to be given my details and contacted me several months in advance to ensure I would be available on their selected date.

The photo shoot took place in the beautiful sunny village of Oia, close to Studio Kristo. The happy couple had booked an AirBnB cave house in the village, so we began the photo shoot there, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Luckily, the weather cooperated with our mission, and we were fortunate enough to avoid the tourist crowds. As a result, we managed to take some beautiful shots featuring the lovely traditional whitewashed houses at the edge of the Caldera. The pair returned to Shanghai delighted with the results of their successful day.

Customizing Your Photoshoot

Not only can we offer our skills as a pre-wedding photographer here on beautiful Santorini, but we can also help you to create the perfect experience to remember for a lifetime. We can arrange a full tour package for you which includes all the luxury services you require from transportation to and from your accommodation, and make up services to hair styling services and dress rental.

Your Santorini photoshoot tour is fully customizable in every way, from the pricing, ideas and location to the mood and purpose of your shoot. We also offer you a free consultation as standard so you can be absolutely certain that no detail will be overlooked. It’s always my goal to not only be your photographer, but also your friend.

It’s my mission to ensure you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease. I want you to enjoy every single moment of your Santorini photo shoot, and I work my hardest to ensure that you have a fun, relaxing yet affordable professional photography experience.

Arranging Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

It’s easy to arrange your pre-wedding photoshoot on Santorini. Simply contact me today at Studio Kristo and let me know your requirements. I can offer you a competitive quote and book your special day on the island.

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  1. John Ferebee

    Looking for a Professional Photographer for two different 6 hour photo shoots in both Mykonos and Santorini on August 25th, 2020.

  2. Stan Shillingburg

    Hi, Kristo, we are getting married this September and looking for a wedding photographer for our small wedding. The wedding is in Santorini and we have a small budget. Can you help us?

  3. Yi Wei

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia. May I know how much roughly would it cost to take 1/2 day and full day pre-wedding Chinese photos in Santorini on July 15 or 17 or 18?
    Please send me quotes in details. Thank you

  4. Jia

    Hi , this is Jia Hao from Hong Kong.
    We are very interesting to have our pre wedding photography in Santorini or Mykonos between April 20 to April 22 2019.
    Please get back to us with your pricing options. I had emailed you earlier and still waiting to hear back from you.
    Thank you & best regards,

  5. Andy and Anne

    I’m British and my fiancé is living in Singapore. We are getting married in August and have not yet booked a photographer. Let us know if you’ve got any availability – we’d love to work with you!

  6. Aaron Schulman

    We are getting married on August 20th, 2020 in Santorini. We also still have not had engagement photos taken. Are you willing to work with us, on an evening for about an hour of wedding party photos & a four hour reception? It would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

  7. Yi Ying

    Good afternoon. My partner and I are visting Oia in September 2019. Could you send me a quote for4-5 hours photography service? Thanks a lot.
    Yi Ying

  8. Vangelis

    Gorgeous color contrast. You captured them very well Kristo!

  9. Linda

    Beautiful, Gorgeous photography! I am also interested in people portrait with natural light and will explore Santorini, too.

  10. Martha Merrill Wills

    Our Santorini based client is looking for a photographer to aid the visual storytelling and branding of the company.
    Main Responsibilities include:
    * Taking multiple stills of Jewelry and home wares
    * 360 degree video content
    * Re-work pictures using Lightroom and other tools
    * Planning external photo sessions
    * Assist with Social Media platforms (Instagram & Facebook)
    * Enhance, retouch, and resize photos using airbrushing and other editing techniques.
    Please let us know if you are interested in.

  11. Jeevan

    We are getting married August 2021 in Germany and are looking for a photographer. I searched the internet for destination photographers and loved your work. We look forward to hearing from you. Jeevan

  12. Guang & Hua

    Hello 🙂 I hope this finds you well! We are from Beijing and we wanted someone who was familiar with our wedding venue and neighboring locations in on the island and we really love your work. We would like to know if you are available to cover our wedding at Santos Winery on September 2020. Thank you very much, have a lovely day!

  13. Zandy Miller Photography

    Your creativity and artistic flare is fantastic! If there is one thing I would suggest for all of my brides-to-be, it would be to invest in your wedding photographer and choose someone you like early on!

  14. Lei & Johnny

    The big day is on August 26th and we are getting married in a gorgeous Venue near Imerovigli. We would love to hire you as our photographer. Are you available on that date? Please reply asap.

  15. Marina

    Dearest Kristo. I need your help to make my dream come to life! We are coming to Santorini this September as a part of our pre wedding journey and interested in your Gold Package. How can I secure the date and what forms of payment do you accept?

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