creative levitation photography ideas

This was my first try into levitation photography and the pictures turned out awesome! I fell in love with it! The idea and trick is very simple, to give the illusion that the subject is high in the air. The goal is to make it look like the subject is not jumping but actually floating! This kind of photography can occur indoors or outdoors. Your starting point is only your imagination. I really don’t understand why levitation photography hasn’t become very popular yet, since you can capture really magical portraits of people.

When I showed the levitation pictures to my Grandma she thought it was magic and people somehow found a way to defy the gravity! My friends, even the closest ones insisted that it was a smart Photoshop trick. Sure, post processing is a important part of a photographer’s work but the whole process is simple and can be very creative and fun too!  To be honest, I don’t think I can call myself a levitation photographer yet, but I was so excited with this project that I have been already working on a similar and more creative one.

In addition to that, Santorini island, is the perfect place to take such kind of pics. When you stand on the edge of Caldera, you feel like you’re ready to take off and fly above the deep blue waters. This whole engagement / pre wedding session was not that difficult. I had the pleasure to work with a very cooperative and patient couple. The photo shoot was supplemented with some colorful balloons which gave a feeling of carrying the bride off into the blue sky, a mirror that never lies and a bicycle, the symbol of promising times ahead. To achieve the final effect, multiple pictures were needed to be taken and blended afterwards by layer masking in Adobe Lightroom.

And Some more awesome pictures of outdoor floating photography