Malta Honeymoon Photography

Honeymoon photo session outside the red castle in Malta
This summer, my photography tour included several destinations in the European Union and beyond. My last stop was the island country of Malta, (officially known as the Republic of Malta), the smallest EU country, where I photographed a lovely couple, Aaron and Allison. My first contact with the couple was in Santorini where I did their honeymoon photo shoot. They were so excited and satisfied with the pictures that they asked me to visit them in Malta for a second photo session. This time, they wanted a shoot that would include the non-tourist spots of Malta. As an EU citizen I didn’t need a visa or any special permission to enter the country for work since freedom of movement for workers is one of the founding principles of the European Union, so this made the planning all too easy.

Malta as a tourist destination and the friendly Maltese

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and lies south of the island of Sicily, Italy. It is a wonderful and very easy- to- tour country with harbors, bays and hills. There are several well preserved castles and towers, while the amazing architecture of the buildings decorates and completes this unique landscape. September is probably the best month to travel to Malta. The weather is warm, the sun does not burn; and while at the beach there is always a free place for a dive. Moreover, hotel prices and air tickets are more affordable compared to the bubbling tourist season. Public transportation is usually cheap and convenient, all Maltese speak English, even older people and this makes Malta all the more accommodating! They are polite and full of life. With smiles on their friendly faces, they were always willing to help me with whatever I needed, whenever I needed it. Regarding the photo session in Malta, the traditional boats, the horses, the red castle, the tower and the abandoned lighthouse made the shoot a very unique and creative one. The energy the couple put into the shoot made it super lively. The camera could actually feel the sparks of love explode from each shot taken. Every shot was a story magically captured! It was so magical that we never wanted to end the shoot; with every pose struck there was something new. The towers above provided an ambience; it was the perfect honeymoon sight.