Dubrovnik Pre Wedding Photography

dubrovnik wedding photographer
This is a candid pre wedding photoshoot of a Malaysian couple in the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. The pictures were captured by the renown Dubrovnik wedding photographer Studio Kristo. It’s here, where episodes of the Game of Thrones series were filmed as well as parts of the Robin Hood and Star Wars the Last Jedi movies (2018). David Benioff and D. B. Weiss filmed Parts of the series also in UK and Malta. The Old Town is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia since 1979. Along with Venice, it’s one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Europe.

The couple photo shoot

I love all my couples almost equally, but this Asian couple was a photographer’s dream. Not just because the duo was so much in love and sweet to photograph! But in addition to that, Wei Kay and Wei Ming made everything look natural and effortless! In the meanwhile, the Dubrovnik’s feeling was like entering another world in the middle ages. The Walls added a touch of myth and abundance of mystery. The couple brought 2 sets of clothes for photo shooting – wedding gown / suits & casual, thus we did two sessions. An evening one capturing the lights and the mystery of the city and a morning one. This was similar to a Dubrovnik engagement photography to capture the filming locations. On the other hand, the night was humid yet emotional. The wedding pictures turned out glorious and romantic. The bride, Wei Kay was SO STUNNING in her elegant wedding dress. Not to mention that the groom, Wei Ming was so proud of his wife and very confident in his grey suit. By the way, the old town of Dubrovnik is like an endless medieval wedding venue. Every spot was perfect for the types of photos we wanted. Ok, I quit talking about it and just show you the magic. Enjoy!! xo, Kristo

The next day engagement style photo shoot with casual outfits

We decided to do the photo shoot in the morning at 8:00 a.m. to get the natural light going through the paths of the old city. Right at 8:00 a.m. the drizzle stopped! Born under a lucky star!! I grabbed my cameras like my feet were on fire and moved quickly around the area to conduct the photo shooting before the weather becomes extreme again. The result? I spent most of this morning session screaming about how FANTASTIC THESE FALL PICTURES WERE!!

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