Celebration of family love through a fantastic photo shoot in Santorini

Celebration of family love through a fantastic photo shoot in Santorini

A happy family is a beautiful sight to behold. As a family photographer in Santorini I had a wonderful time capturing the love and joy of a super cute family on my camera yesterday. The father Rudi and the Mother Grace are from Philippines, but currently live and work in the country of Singapore. Their little boy Zach is a boisterous 7-year-old, who is a bundle of energy with the most adorable mischievous grin. Together they are a lively family, who adore each other immensely and have plenty of fun together.

We began our family photo shoot on the black beach of Santorini. Afterwards we continued on to the Imerovigli and Oia Villages. I had a great time photographing them. By all means these memorable pictures (including some artistic black and white pics) will remind them of the terrific holiday they had on the picturesque Greek Island.

Fun and frolic on the sands of Santorini

Our first stop was at the black beach of Santorini. Bubbly little Zach decided then to test his prowess at how high he could jump on the sands. While their excited little champion sprang into the air, jumping higher each time, Rudi and Grace looked on with pride in their eyes, as undiluted joy lit up their smiles!

Next it was time for some family fun. Ready, get set, Go! And the trio dashed across the beach. Sprinting through the soft sands as the cool water gushed forth in frothy waves at their feet, the warm afternoon air was punctuated with their laughs and squeals of delight. Grace outran the two boys and emerged the winner of this merry family race.

Family love is in the air

Our next stop was at Imerovigli Village. The winds of Thira and the breathtaking beauty of Imerovigli ignite romance in every lover on the shore. So, Rudi and Grace were no exception to this magic. As they fell into each others arms, enjoying the beauty of the moment, little Zach couldn’t imagine that his parents would leave him out. As his parents looked into each others eyes and were lost in their own world, Zach made sure he was part of it by clinging to his father’s leg and remaining there till they were ready to pay attention to him.

Sharing lessons for life at Oia

At Oia, Rudi’s son joined him as he watched the boats sail on the glistening blue waters below. Like every little boy, Zach was fascinated by all the things his dad had to tell him about boats and sailing. He had plenty of questions too, about pirates, treasures under the sea, mermaids and sea voyages. Rudi patiently cleared all his doubts shortly and was happy to share his time and knowledge with his boy. At the same time, as father and son, they were enjoying the magnificent view from above. But the most touching moment was the  5 minute brake in Oia to pray to God and thank Him for keeping their family healthy. Rudi sat on his knees, looked at the sky and among others whispered: “Thank you my Lord for everything and please protect my family”. As for Zach, he squatted in front of the Blue Domed Church and whispered; “Please my Lord, in your kindness, watch over my dad and mom and keep them healthy and strong…” This was one of the most touching moments of my life. I almost cried when I saw this smart boy, their wonderful son praying to God for his parents.

Thank you guys

Well, that was a fabulous afternoon that I spent with the most amazing family. Thank you guys for sharing your time with me, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Happy boy at the black beach with it's parents

Zach the boy hugs his mos leg - black and white picture of son

Little kid is looking the sea

parents looking each other

santorini family portrait in oia village

father and son at the top of the building in Oia watching the boats

Rudi is kneeling and praying god at the edge of the hill

little boy looking up and praying to god

black & white romantic and fun picture with a dog

Mother from Philippines photographed with her son in Santorini

black and white family picture

philippines family photographer

Client Testimonial:

Dear Kristo,

Thanks again for the wonderful photos. We had a great time in the shoot too. As promised, here is our testimonial for you which you can put on your site:

“It was our first family photo shoot and Kristo made us feel at ease with his wonderful personality. We then were able to relax and have fun so the shots had a natural feel to them. Also, he really knows the ins-and-outs of the island so he captured the beauty of the place in each shot. For this reason we highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have great family photography in their Santorini vacation. – Rudi, Grace & Zach”

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