Frequently Asked Questions about Santorini Photography and Destinations

At Studio Kristo we have created a list of frequently asked questions regarding the services we provide. All of these questions are collected from pre-wedding discussions with soon to get married couples or travelers who were just interested in Santorini vacation photography. Some of the questions are specific, while some others are more general in nature. I have tried to group the questions and answers by topics to make it more convenient for you.

If you have other questions, feel free to email Kristo, the Studio’s head photographer at  We will respond to you at our earliest convenience.

General Questions

Well, it depends on which kind of shoot it is. For Santorini Weddings I capture more than 35 photos per hour. For outdoor vacation photography, I will deliver at least 40 images per hour, even more depending on the couple, the crowds and the weather.

Well, it depends again on the kind of the photoshoot. For weddings, I strongly recommend to contact me when you have confirmed your dates. Santorini vacation and Engagement shoots can be more flexible and I might be able to accommodate you in a relatively short notice.

As a local photographer in Santorini, I don’t charge any travel fees anywhere in Greece. For abroad destinations, I will book my own airfares, accommodation and local transportation modes. Thus you don’t have to worry at all. 

Absolutely! Besides Santorini, I have conducted pre wedding photography all around the world. So, I would love to travel to the city of your choice.

Thankfully Santorini doesn’t have has serious weather extremes. But I want your pictures (and you in them) to look awesome. So, if the weather won’t allow us to take fantastic pictures, I will make every effort to reschedule the shoot. If we are still not able to conduct the shoot, I will return the deposit

No, I only do photography. I do only one thing and I do it well.

Usually no. I want to be 100% responsible for the final product. If the event is very big though, I do know some local talented photographers in Santorini who can help me with the coverage of your wedding.

It depends on the time of the year. This is because the sun’s path changes during the course of the year. Starting around 02:30 pm should usually work fine.

Yes I do! I have been photographing families for many years and I’m very patient with kids.

I use professional digital cameras (Canon) and bring extra equipment to every event.

Yes, for a bargain cost of €150 I can offer you a 2-hour walking tour at the most instagrammable locations in Oia village and beyond. Please note that no photography from my side is provided at this package.

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Day of Questions

The truth is that blue domes can become extremely busy. But I know some secret paths to avoid the tourists and take photos without any crowds interfering in the pics.

Most of the rooftops are parts of privately owned buildings or hotels where people are staying in. So, the access is limited. But I do know some tricks to overcome this issue without paying any extra fees or get special permissions.

The 1-hour shoot usually takes place in Oia village. During the session we will visit several different spots. Longer sessions can deffo include more locations. Please visit my pricing page for more info.

This depends on the duration of the session and the location. The general recommendation is 1 change of outfit per hour. If you are fast, we can accommodate 2 outfits in an hour.

Public bathrooms in Santorini are not a good choice. If your hotel is in a close by distance, you can change cloths there. Otherwise we can take a quick break at a coffee shop, buy some coffee or water and use it’s restroom which should meet our expectations. Car is another option is the outfits are not very bulky.

My approach is to capture natural stills and make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. And also enjoy the Santorini photo shoot from your heart. If you would like so, I can show you how to pose. I’m very discreet, so If I have to come into your personal space to assist you, I will definitely ask for your permission first.

We are all human and sometimes due to any reason you might arrive late to your session. Thus I provide a courtesy 30 minute grace period just in case things run a little late. Any time added will be billed at my hourly pricing which won’t be higher than my package rates.

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Product Delivery Questions

I do not. The high resolution files don’t bear any watermarks at all.
Yes, except from the test shots.

I keep backup digital files of the images on two computers at different locations for 5 years. In case of an emergency I can send you a downloadable link free of charge.

The RAW files are not available for purchase or delivery. They remain property of Studio Kristo. You will get the images in JPEG format.

I do basic editing (such as adjusting for white balance, skin tones and highlights) to all images and advanced editing to images of my choice based on my experience.

Payment and Tax Questions

We are a legal business and follow the Greek laws unconditionally. Collecting cash payments does not exempt my business from paying Greece sales tax on the amount of the entire package price when a product is delivered.
Following the Greek laws, we are also obliged to accept debit/credit cards.