Honeymoon Photo Session in Santorini

Honeymoon Photo Session in Santorini

From Hong Kong to Santorini with love and togetherness

It was wonderful to shoot honeymoon pictures of the cute couple, Sara and Derek in the picturesque Santorini. Sara and Derek are a happy and romantic couple from Hong Kong. Sara is an acclaimed professional makeup artist in Hong Kong.

The couple stayed at the hotel called Rena’s Suites located in Fira Town. We started the photography shoot at their hotel, where we took some wonderful pictures next to the pool. After that, we drove straight to the Oia village to take some portraits there. Above all the honeymooners were very excited about the photo shoot in Santorini and the pictures turned out great.

The beautiful honeymooners and the scenic beauty

The scenic beauty of the island made the couple intensely romantic. As we started the photo shoot, Derek sat on his knee and proposed to his wife. It was such a sudden gesture that Sara couldn’t stop blushing and smiling. Sara gestured Derek to get up and embraced him out of sheer happiness. During the photo shoot in Oia, we found a board called “Home Made Desserts”. Derek gazed at the signboard and grabbed this chance to give his beautiful dessert a kiss on her neck.

Romance and joy

As we continued the romantic Santorini photography the couple talked about how lucky they are to find each other. Sara rested her head on Derek’s shoulders as Derek told her he cannot imagine a life without her. I tried to capture this unique moment of togetherness from a distance keeping the beauty of Santorini vivid in the picture. This moment made the post-wedding session a perfect one. One more lovely instant was when Derek told his wife that looking at her every day is like watching the sunrise. I got this moment in my camera and used the sun as a catalyst to intensify the mood of the picture. During the walking tour, the duo was very happy. They jumped holding each other’s hand. I managed to freeze the enthusiasm of the young couple at the right time!

Derek’s craziness for Sara

After walking for some time, Sara seemed a little tired. Then she asked her husband how much he loves her. Derek said he loves her a lot but Sara insisted him to show her how much. At that moment, Derek told her that he would jump so high that he could reach the sky. This is how much he loves her. I captured the picture when Derek jumped! It was the last and craziest picture of the day.

The pictures of this beautiful couple, Sara and Derek speak about love, harmony, passion and joy. Basically, I have tried my best to capture the love and romance in these honeymoon pictures. The Pictures Speak for Themselves. So, enjoy please! With Lots of Love, Kristo.

Romantic couple photo session in Santorini

Derek standing on his knee and proposing Sara

Oia Couple Photoshoot in Santorini

Derek is giving a kiss on Sara's neckcouple from hong kong in love each other

santorini vacation photographer

Santorini Professional Honeymoon Photographer

Romantic couple between sun rays

couple hugging in front of frame

A santorini painting for sale

professional portrait of Hongkonger girl

Couple jumps holding each other hand

artist photographer

honeymooners in Santorini

Couple fighting and smiling at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Photo Session in Santorini

  1. Hi! This is Brian! We just got married in Hong Kong and coming to Santorini on April 24th 2018 to celebrate our honeymoon. We are looking for a professional photographer to capture our stay there. Are you available that date? What is the cost? Cheers, Brian

  2. Hello Kristo. My name is Maria and I would like to ask you if you could take a few pictures of me and my husband in Santorini. We are traveling to your magnificent island for our honeymoon this May. Your pics really rock! Please let me know your pricing packages and how many pictures we will get in 2 hours of photoshooting. Thank you so much, Maria.

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