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Thanks for stopping by my Greece and Santorini pre wedding photography post. I regularly photograph couples from all over Asia and the USA who come to Santorini to shoot their pre wedding photography. But what is a Santorini pre-wedding session? Well, basically it’s an engagement package but with wedding dresses and gowns. It’s usually conducted a few months before the big day and the couple shows the pictures usually on a video wall during the ceremony.

The first contact prior the arrival to Santorini

A few weeks ago, Wei Bing contacted me from the exotic Malaysia to see if I would be available to do their outdoor pre wedding photoshoot in Santorini. She explained to me that visiting Santorini was one of her biggest dreams and that the previous day, her soon to be husband, Kenny surprised her with an invaluable gift, the flight tickets to our heavenly like island. Her voice was trembling from joy. I knew instantly that they wanted from a freelance Santorini photographer like me to give my best for their pre wedding shoot. Furthermore to make their shooting as memorable as I could. And that’s what I did! I grabbed my professional full-frame camera and did the magic!

The pre wedding photography around the island

Wei Bing was completely ready and prepared for this Santorini pre wedding photography. She had chosen several different outfits and accessories to combine. The girl knew exactly what she wanted to see on her photos. She was so happy, and her husband kept smiling. Honestly, when you are surrounded with such happiness you simply can’t resist, and it makes your day joyful too.

The couple told me that they wanted a concept that would include pre wedding photos taken on higher places of Santorini with the top views. They asked me to catch that endless beauty of the sky and the sea, where they overlap and looks like they become one. Of course, I loved their idea and agreed 100%! You can start calling me the genie from the lamp, since I made their wish come true! How I did that? Simply by capturing this love between the sea and the sky perfectly, all along with the beautiful landscape. In this 5-hour pre wedding photoshoot package in Santorini we visited so many locations. We started from Firostefani, the moved to Fira and eventually caught the sunset in Oia.

The wedding outfits

We started with several prewed photos of them standing alone. Bing was wearing an elegant Chinese white dress and gorgeous floral vence in her hair. She was  more than a Chinese Bride, she looked like an ancient Greek goddess. Greece and China have so much common mythology! By the way, when her husband gave her that complement, she told us that that was her plan when she chose the outfit. She changed two more wedding dresses in Santorini and we took several traditional prewedding photos. Into one long, princess alike light pink dress, she looked like a real Disney princess. We stayed up all day and I captured the sunset too, making them even more magical and lovely.

The happy ending

It was my pleasure to work with such a lovely couple who simply adored each other and loved laughing and joking around. I wish you guys all the best and I am grateful that you made me part of your beautiful journey! All the best <3

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    hello Kristo,

    We are interested at your Gold or Silver package for pre wedding photo shoot.

    Would you be available on Sept 15 / 16 this year?

    Thanks and please let us know.


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    HI, me and my wife are planning to have our pre wedding photo shoot in Santorini, 2 locations, 3-5 hours session, we are planning to be there between 25-28 Mar 2017, I would like to know if you provide wedding gown and tux? hair and make up included?


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    Hello my name is Wilson Ho and I am interested in your pre weddings service. I am based in Hong Kong and would like to come over during early-mid feb. Could you please forward me some detailed pricing plans so I could decide asap? Look forward to hearing from you.

    David Ho

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    My fiance and I are plan to travel to Prague on Sep, 2016 (yet decided the actual date) for short vacation and we are interested in doing a pre wedding shoot there.We are looking for good but inexpensive photographer that we can collaborate with. The package provided by your team including gown, makeup and hair do as well? Hope to hear from you soon.

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    My husband and I are looking to do a couple’s photo shoot while we are in beautiful Santorini. I am not sure what to call it, really, as it is not an engagement or pre wedding session.. We have actually never done a photo shoot before, not even for our wedding! I guess we are hoping to capture a bit of “us” in lovely place. Any advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated!

    I think we are looking for a half day session, outdoors, to take advantage of what Santorini has to offer. Please let us know if you are available to help and guide us.

    Thank you very much for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!
    May & Wilson

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    This is Alex from China, we will stay in Santorini between Aug.8th-12th, while we are planning to make our pre-wedding photos with my girl friend during one of those days.
    I am feeling your gold package or majestic package could fit our request very well.

    To get clear about everything:
    1. Make-up: Especially my girl friend, do you offer make-up service free or charge, or she has to make up by herself?
    2. Dressing: Do you offer suits for me and evening dress & wedding dress for my girl friend free or charge, or shall we bring everything?
    3. Number of dress in the tour: How many sets of dress can we change in the tour, is there a criteria?

    Waiting for your answers, thanks a lot!

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    My husband and I are currently living in Zurich- Swizerland and we will be traveling to Greece and plan to be in Santorini from September 4th to September 9th. We would like to see if we can book you fro 1-2 hour from any date above for a small photography session for our pre wedding pictures. Thank you a lot in advance for replying back to me.
    Best regards,

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    Hi my name is Rima. Santorini holds a very special place in my heart as I’ve always wanted to visit this paradise on earth and i did last year. I honestly believed I was in heaven which is why my partner and i would like our pre-wedding photography session here. We have been through so many ups and downs (which I’ll bore you with some other time), but having some shots for our pre-wedding will make my dream come true. I stayed in imerovigli last time and it was beautiful however oia was equally gorgeous so these two would be my preference. We have not decided on our wedding date yet but very likely back home next year. Please help us make our dream come true. Please kindly let me know what the price quotation would be. We will arrange our own gowns, suits and makeup and hair.

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    Hi Kristo,

    We are the couple from Singapore, going to get married on 12/12/2018.

    We are planning to get our pre wedding photo at Santorini, therefore thinking to engage you as our pre wedding photographer as i love your skills so much after browse the galleries in your profile.

    So, i would like to check with you your availability on 3 Nov 2018 or 7 Nov 2018.

    Is it possible you deliver the photo before our wedding day on 12 Dec 2018?

    Looking forward for your good news. Cheers!

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    Hi, a great day to you.
    We are planning to have our pre wedding photography at Santorini in this coming OCT/NOV.
    I read the price in your webpage & clarify something as below:
    1) the package price only for photography & we need to prepare our own dressing & cloth?
    2) we are not familiar with the place, so we appreciate if you can recommend some nice places for our photography & advise where is the best location for us to book our accommodation.
    3) if we would like to get the package, do we need to do advance transfer to you or can we make payment when we arrive Santorini?

    Thanks & looking forward to hear from you soon.

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    Hi. My name is Meera. I am from New Delhi, India. I am visiting santorini with my husband from 16 September until 19 September and I want to see if I can book you for any of these dates for 1-2 hours for photo session. We have never got a chance to do a pre wedding photographs or such that is why we want to do them now. Please let me know your availability.

    Thank you,

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    My husband and I would love a couples photo shoot in two locations in Santorini. We would love this to be on the caldera with beautiful churches, Santorini architecture in the background. we are thinking Oia and somewhere else but please let us know what you recommend.

    Early morning on the 3rd of August is preferable but please let us know if just after sunrise is a good time for photos?

    Amanda hill

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    Interested to have pre-wedding photo shoots in Santorini and nearby beautiful islands such as Mykonos. If you offer make-up/hair and dress/suit rental service, please add on for my consideration. Dates are not fixed yet, but intends to have it in late 2018 (Oct, Nov). Is it the best time for outdoor photo taking? Please suggest and provide me the quote for available packages for my consideration.

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    We are are going to be in Santorini Island between 11-13 of November for Honeymoon. We are looking for someone who is going to take couple of our pre wedding pictures with reasonable prices 🙂
    We could be available any time of the day.
    Could you please give us a price

    Best regards

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    Im looking to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. Myself and my partner are coming to Santorini for a holiday and think it would be nice to have a photoshoot done. We are staying at the argo hotel and arrive on the 19/06/19. We fly back on the 26/06/19. Would you be available to carry out this photoshoot with us. The first 4 days of us being there would be ideal, as after, we have a wedding to attend. Please also let me know a price guide for your service.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Amesh Patel

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