Outdoor Portrait with glamour of the sunset
Dreaming of having a holiday? Are you single or traveling solo and looking for a Santorini photographer to capture your freedom during your vacation? What can be any better place than Thira. And you as a tourist will desire to have to the best possible outdoor portrait when you are touring. Always when one thinks of photographers, the first apprehension that comes to mind is that, they will be always disturbing you with the lens and framework. Being a professional photographer in Santorini I have some USP points among them; the first will not let my subject or the model get disturbed. I think that if a Santorini photographer is disturbing the subject whom he is going to portrait, she/he won’t look natural in the lens of the camera. Frame work To get the perfect photo you will have to be natural, focused, confident and fearless also. The lady or the model will be even more attractive in the portraits, if she is not afraid. Additionally, if she goes to show it on the in front of the camera too. The top or candid shots are said to be one of the innovatives in terms of appeal. In these exotic locations you will not miss out on any of the beautiful amenities. Some of them are the blue water of the seas, the volcanic stone texture of the hill and play land with beautiful white houses. Get the proper view of the seas of Santorini with the white house backdrop and the elegant sun from the top! I can ensure you that they will satisfy both your portrait and model. Photographers point As a professional photographer  you need to have a bird’s eye. Not to mention the fantastic imagination of the backdrop which will make the photo look even brighter.
  • A model or the subject will even more prominent if the model is a lady. She could wear a blue gown with a sun-glass. Even more, she could be sitting on the stair cases in one of houses staring at the sun with the reflection of the sun on her glasses.
  • A lady on the top of the white building with the sea behind her will capture lifetime portraits. This pose can depict her beauty in front of the world.
  • And the climate that the Santorini experience is of desert type. So, sunset will be one of the best times to take the photos with the model sitting on the roof of the house. In addition to that, the cliché sun of the backdrop will be one of the portraits to keep for the whole life.