Eri the musician playing her harp.
The Harp is a beautiful instrument that lets the musician do great wonders and miracles. According to experts, the harp is certainly one of the oldest and priciest instruments you could buy. This can be attributed to its authentic and one of a kind nature. Here in Santorini, you will come across many events with the stunning source of sound! And, I am about to introduce a young, talented and beautiful harpist to you. Being a professional and renowned harpist, Eri has an experience that dates back by several decades! It was my honour spending time with this amazing musician. The next few lines will give you a quick insight into my three short hours with Eri including a few black and white artistic pictures.

The harp!

According to Eri, the Harp is not a mere musical instrument. Instead, it is love, pride and prestige! History states that the instrument was designed to make people Happy! Found across different parts of the world, the Harp is a part of many cultures and traditions. Eri states that her favorite instrument gives a medieval touch to special occasions. Even in this 21st century, there is no instrument to beat the authentic nature of the Harp.

A Mesmerizing Experience

May it be the Harp’s beautiful outlook or its melodious sound, you will not be able to resist its classy nature. As Eri’s fingers played the instrument, I was able to understand the secret in her words. The one-of-a-kind tune did blow us off our feet. Eri’s harp was very big and startling. It had golden cuts and beautiful figures sculpted on it. The strings were thin and spaced evenly to promise a mesmerizing experience.

The beautiful musician

Eri plays the Harp with her soul and heart. You can ask her to add more panache and style to your big events. The beautiful lady dresses like a real Greek Goddess. She defines a unique style statement that would take your event to a whole new height. Additionally, Eri plays a wide range of music. Even if you want her to tune the cranberries, trust me, she would do it for you.

A one of a kind experience

Conversely, my photo shoot with her was a one of a kind experience. We captured a breath taking collection of photographs at the edge of the Caldera and in a hotel where she often plays. The sunset photo shoot of Eri was an interesting one. She gave us the opportunity of listening to authentic music at an amazing hour of the day.
Working with Eri
From weddings to anniversaries to birthday parties to business functions, the beautiful musician has a way of making every event a memorable and fascinating one. Additionally, she has always being on time. Personally, I admired Ere’s punctual nature. She was well ahead of time and certainly prepared for the shoot! This reduced a massive burden from my shoulders. Sometimes, I wonder if I would meet another person like Eri.
As you scroll down, you will get a comprehensive and discreet insight through Eri’s and her Harp!