London Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

London Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Right after the wedding in gem venue Santorini, I took the plane to London, a fantastic city with over 2,000 years of history! This might be the best place to start your photography career. Thankfully, Santorini is connected by non-stop flights with some of the major airports of the UK, including Manchester and London. Ryanair landed at the airport of Stansted which is the airline’s largest base. At the arrivals area of the airport, I bought the Oyster card providing unlimited travel in central London on the tube, bus, trains and DLR networks. Car rental was not necessary since transportation in London is very convenient and almost always on time!

The young couple

Maria and Tiago is a cute couple originally from Brazil, but currently live and work in London. The soon to get married duo asked me to capture some prewedding pics of them in the city’s most popular locations. They were planning to get married in their country this fall and wanted to display the photos at their ceremony on a large video wall.

The Holland Park

We started capturing pictures at one of the most peaceful, undiscovered and romantic locations of London, the public Holland Park. The park has beautiful Japanese gardens and labyrinth-like paths, including running waterfalls (said to be good for well being. I can vouch that it’s very relaxing!) as well as lanterns and plenty of koi fishes!! It’s wonderful for jogging or have a romantic walk with your special one too and the entrance is free. My flash units and a full-sized tripod were all allowed in Holland Park and the tourists didn’t seem to be bothered at all!

london-pre wedding photographer

Can you believe that this place is located just a short ride away from the city center?

This is where we did our first stop to take the first pre marriage pic on the fallen tree trunk!

Holland Park Wedding Photo idea in London

The park features a small bridge and a 3-step waterfall that feeds the fish pond! The perfect spot for an outdoor wedding shot in London!

pre wedding romantic pic bridge

Then we took some more romantic pics on the bridge!

squirrel holland park

Tree squirrels are a common sight in parks and gardens all over London and the UK.

They are very approachable and familiar animals despite not being native. Maria didn’t miss the opportunity to play with them! How more natural photo shoot could you get than that?
walking man statue holland park creative wedding

Maria confided to me that her future husband had always been a little jealous of her.

So, I took advantage of the walking statue above and captured this creative yet simple pic!

The London Eye pier area

As of January 2015, this giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames is one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheel and one of the most popular paid tourist attractions in the UK. This is where we did a brief stop to capture the love of the Maria and Tiago. A heart touching moment was when Tiago held Maria’s hands, asked her to close her eyes and narrated her how he felt when he first meet her. During those moments Maria smiled, then teased and eventually gave a big hug to Tiago reminding him too how she felt when she first met him. For both of them, without any doubt, it was love at first sight!!!

Romance couple at London Eye Photographer

Such a romantic picture! Maria and Tiago held each other’s hands, closed their eyes and described again the moment when they met each other!

kiss london wedding photographer idea

Having the London Eye and and the river as backgrounds made this photo really rock!

fun pre wedding outdoor picture

Before entering the Deck Bar for a quick drink, we captured this funny picture! London offers unlimited photographic opportunities!

One of the top wedding photographers in UK

This is by far the best and most favorite pic of the photo shoot! Maria and Tiago walking up the steps to one of the most famous bridges!

The first part of the session ended up with this cute picture of Maria and Tiago on the Hungerford Bridge!

The London Tower Bridge

It’s an iconic feature of the city, known worldwide as one of the most famous tourist attractions of London. The Tower Bridge open more than 100 years ago still standing perfectly over the River Thames. It’s an ideal spot for wedding or engagement photos due to it’s impressive presence. We couldn’t miss this (I have to admit) crowded landmark!

tower bridge london wedding photo

A fountain with a mermaid and a dolphin, a beautiful couple and the historical bridge completed this superb pic!

London Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite pics of the pre wedding photo shoot in London city.

A visit to the Limehouse Basin Canalside

The Limehouse Basin Canalside is a very beautiful and quiet oasis where you don’t feel like you’re in East London. This is a secret gem! It’s located in a walking distance from the the river Thames. We walked along the canalside path. Lots of vessels on show, plus barges and houseboats. The residential houses and apartments are fantastic with beautiful views on the waters. There are loads of restaurants and cafes nearby including Starbucks if you are on a budget!

bridge of Limehouse Basin Canalside

Suddenly, it started to rain…! How rare is this in London?

…and we had to find a place to cover ourselves. We spent around 15 minutes under the shelter of a lovely cafe. I took advantage of the moment and took this romantic black & white picture of Maria and Tiago while waiting for the rain to stop.
london romantic bw couple

Just one kiss and Maria melted in his arms.

london phone box

Afterwards we took a lovely, romantic picture into a traditional phone box.

londox phone box pre wedding idea

As the drizzle kept falling, we got more creative!

dickens inn london

And we finished the photo shoot outside this amazingly decorated restaurant called Dickens Inn!

couple with photographer commemorative photo

And a commemorative selfie photo of Tiago, Maria and their happy photographer! 🙂

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