An ideal marriage proposal in Santorini island of Greece

An ideal marriage proposal in Santorini island of Greece

Robert Fulghum quoted in True Love, “We’re all a little weird, and life it a little weird too. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we can join hands and fall into a state of mutually satisfying weirdness. Some call it Love. And the others call it true love”. These were the words used by a handsome young man, Neal, while proposing the woman of his life, Jaya! The trip was orchestrated by Neal, originally from India, but now a successful businessman and citizen of London. His future wife, Jaya gladly followed his heartthrob without knowing his intent. With three days spent at Santorini for a marriage proposal photo shoot, this session was the best thing to ever happen to them — at least before the D-day.

A heartfelt surprise

Neal, had realized that marriage proposals happen once in a lifetime (for most people). So he did all he could to make it the most memorable one. That’s why he carefully captured his marriage proposal in front of the camera. Jaya considered their trip to Santorini as a joyful vacation and a perfect place to escape from her busy life in the UK. And the moment came! With a breathtaking view, Neal kneed down and popped the question to his future wife! Jaya answered with an emphatic “yes” as he slipped the ring through her finger. Shortly, they sealed it with a kiss, and that was it. All that transpired, I captured it and they loved it.

The setup

decorated table in Oia with caldera view

This is the best scenic view ever, truly unbeatable! No woman can say no here! A fantastic idea with views of the volcanic Isles of Nea Kameni.

The table was decorated with red roses, an awesome bouquet and a few candles. The hotel stuff carefully placed the cutlery on the table along with 2 glasses of wine. The local wine was going to accompany the dinner after saying the coveted YES. In addition to that, the lanterns around the table were going to light the place and their love during Santorini sunset.

romantic table decoration ideas

The decoration of the table was simple, yet romantic!

The heart-melting moment

Destination in Santorini for an abroad Marriage Proposal

This is by far the most unique place to propose to a girl! Santorini is an awesome destination and amazing place to pop the question!

romantic hug of a modern indian couple

Java didn’t have a single clue about this superb idea! She hugged him so tight and long in this moment.

Post Proposal Shoot

Then, eventually Jaya somehow discovered me (I was hiding to capture the original moment) and this is how a wonderful time next to an amazing Indian couple started. We continued by taking some shots of the engagement ring.

engagement ring on forth finger

The lovely girl wore the engagement ring on the fourth finger of her left hand. According to the Greek tradition, this finger has a vein that connects directly with the heart. In Greece we call it “The vein of Love.”

engagement ring box

We continued the session by taking wonderful pictures around the area of the Canaves Suites hotel!

engaged couple photography

Neal had been planning this event for so long but it was definitely worth it!

engaged couple posing idea

The couple was easy to engage in the photo shoot and the concept was simple. The whole process was very smooth and lively.

romantic hand kissing

The way Neal kissed her hand was so romantic, I just loved it! All that, in a beautiful hotel location, next to the crystal – clear water of the swimming pool.

indian couple photography

Look at the happiness that emerges from their faces! This Indian couple, is made for each other!

Pop the question in Canaves suites hotel in Oia

Another idyllic photo of the lovely duo at the balcony of Canaves Suites Hotel in Oia.

Unlike conventional photo shoots, we didn’t travel across destinations, opt for quick dress changes or use lots of props. Instead, the couple selected the waters of Santorini for the photo shoot.

santorini marriag proposal photographer

The calm sea along with a perfect couple created an outstanding picture.

Santorini, with his captivating views of the Aegean sea, providing amazing sunset over Caldera, has worn the hearts of many for his serene environment.

Oia engagement photographer in the island of Santorini

During the warm yet chilly autumn season, there were plenty of yachts and traditional boats in the calm sea. These were additional elements in our celestial engagement session.

hotel pre wedding photography greece

The attention to detail in the hotel’s decoration was very much appreciated. Everything was thoughtful to the last detail!

he hold her hands

A short break to hold her hands and confess how he sees their future together.

dinner at one of the best spots of Caldera

Declaring their love to each other while watching the sunset.

After an incredible day with the couple and some amazing pictures, I left them to enjoy their dinner while having a “taste” of the view of Caldera!

The Santorini photographer’s thoughts

Santorini is one of the top holiday destinations, which cannot be found anywhere else in this world. This island does not only brace itself up for a preferred wedding destination, but also pre weddings and marriage proposal photo shootings. The Asians; Hong Kong, Japanese, Indian etc.- take pride in having pre wedding photography in santorini; they come in their numbers.

Complementary services that make photo journeys thick.
The pre wedding and marriage proposal sessions done in Santorini are not complete without a make – up and hair styling artist. They complement the photo sessions. The availability of make-up and hair styling services make the location a “go-to” place. Even if you require a specialization like an Asian make-up artist; they’re readily available.

By having a top-notch photography in Greece that captures your moments will be worth it and an experience to relish in a long while.

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