A superb pre-wedding photo shoot in Rome, the city of eternal love

Creative Engagement Photographer in Rome
So when I knew my next destination was Italy and in particular, Rome, I couldn’t wait. I had just finished a honeymoon shoot in Malta was looking forward to a few days off when Max gave me a call and asked me to take the engagement pictures of him and his future-to-be wife. It was very hard to say no, even for a discounted price that Max asked me for. This Italian city is a true gem and is one of the world’s greatest centers of art, history, architecture & religion. Rome is a journey that you can never regret to travel. And, what can be better to see than a happy couple as well? Let me say that there is nothing better than that! I had a wonderful time together with this amazing and full of energy couple.  It rained and it poured, but finally the sun came out and we were able to capture some gorgeous images. We began our pre-wedding shoot in front of the Colosseum. Who wouldn’t like a picture in front of it after all?

And that isn’t the only attraction we can see in the picture, because we can see the famous Arch of Constantine behind them! It is a well-known attraction which you cannot miss if you visit Rome.

We can see that she’s being a little mean to him in this picture but how he looks at him worths it! An amazing day full of fun and a beautiful picture.

Then, we have continued the session by taking a few solo pictures of the soon-to-be-bride alone with the splendor of Rome!

Truly a fantastic time with a good looking couple! Thank you for all the memories shared and at the same time created!