Santorini Engagement Photography

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The greatest pleasure that I take in my job is capturing engagement shots while also showing off the true beauty of my island home, Santorini. Anyone who regularly follows my Santorini photography blog will be left in no doubt of just how much I love shooting romantic portraits of couples. After all, being engaged is such a special time in a relationship – the beginning of a journey which ends at the altar.

As a top Santorini photographer, I am proud to say that I am often asked to shoot engagement photography on this stunning island. I have to admit that engagement shoots are one of my favorite requests!

Vlad And Tina’s Engagement Photo Shoot

When I carry out an engagement photo shoots, I try to use the most creative yet fun photographic techniques possible so that the images are memorable and exciting. Vlad and Tina’s photo shoot was one of my most thrilling couple portrait sessions.

I like to make sure that couples are really enjoying themselves during their photo shoot, but I could tell that Vlad and Tina were having a truly amazing time during their photography session. I could simply stand back, allow the couple to be themselves, and capture all the fun that they were having. The result was some outstanding images of the pair all around Santorini!

Perfect lighting, ideal locations and a happy couple who were happy and relaxed enough to really let themselves go and enjoy themselves during their shoot – it was easy to work my magic behind the lens! I firmly believe that Santorini is one of the best places in the world to create artistic images.

The pair were happy to try all kinds of fun shots including fashion-style and levitation images and, at the end of the session, we were surprised by a beautiful marriage proposal! What could be better?

Awesome Engagement Pictures At Iconic Locations

No matter where you go in Thira, you can be certain that the scenery will take your breath away. In every single location there is something perfect that captures the gaze. Thira is so serene and tranquil that it helps you to forget all your troubles. The problems that have been bothering you all slip away as you relax and unwind in Santorini’s wonderful environment.

I’ve found this time and again during my engagement photo shoots. Couples never seem to experience any discomfort when they’re in front of my camera. Perhaps it’s the magic of the island, or perhaps it’s because I always take a relaxed and easy approach to photo shoots. Whatever the reason, Tina and Vlad had a wonderfully happy day.

I picked up the couple from Lilium Villas and we went to numerous locations around the island. We managed to capture the most stunning shots including such iconic places as Fira, the Caldera, the blue domed churches, before finally ending our shoot in Oia where Vlad got down on one knee and asked his beautiful girlfriend the question she’d been waiting to hear as the sun began to set. There’s no better ending to any photo shoot!

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