Santorini Wedding & Flying Dress Rentals

yellow color flying dress for rent in Santorini
Now, you have the opportunity to rent one of our dresses  (flying dresses, wedding downs, etc.) for your Santorini photoshoot. We offer a variety of dresses to choose from for your photography session in Santorini. This special offer includes a photo shoot around some of Santorini’s most exotic locations and landmarks. The shoot will also include digitally retouched images and a rental choice of our high fashion/editorialized dresses for the price of €180 Euro  per dress.

Affordable Make up & Hair service?

Whats more? You can have your own make up and hair stylist for a total cost of €300 Euro no matter of the duration of the shoot. You can also rent the Santorini dresses individually or as a package!

High Quality dresses for Rent

Our hand-made classy dresses and gowns are magnificently crafted from the highest Greek quality fabrics. In addition to that, they are carefully cleaned before and after every Santorini photo shoot.

Santorini Flying Dress Rentals

You can rent any long – flying dress in Santorini for an affordable cost of €180 Euro. Make up and hair is also available upon request. More info here;

Santorini Wedding Dresses for rent

Brides can now expand their gown choices and reduce the stress of packing their own dresses for overseas travel. By renting one of our white or pink wedding dresses you will not only save money, but you will also enjoy high quality hand made Santorini dresses that cannot be found on rental stores. The cost for renting our wedding dresses is €180 Euro per dress. Make up and hair is also available upon request.

Princess White Wedding Dress - €180

You can rent this fairytale dress in Santorini for just €180.

pink wedding gown rental santorini

Sweetness Pink Wedding Dress - €180

You can rent this pink wedding dress in Santorini for just €180.

High Fashion Dress Rental

Rent a Designer Dress like the celebrities do. We offer a wide selection of designer clothing and occasion evening gowns without bruising your wallet.

dress rental santorini

Turquoise and Yellow Multi Print Dress - €180

You can rent this marvelous dress in Santorini for just €180.

formal dress for rent santorini

Shiny Sequin Blue Dress - €180

You can rent this blue dress for just €180.

Black Sheer Top Formal Gown - €180

You can rent this black gown for just €180.

Red Dress with belt for rent

Red Maxi Dress With Tie Belt - €180

You can rent this beautiful red dress for just €180.