santorini flying dres photoshoot

The Santorini Flying Dress Concept

The concept of ladies wearing very long dresses that blow lavishly through the air, started a couple of years ago. Today, there is a very high demand for flying dress rentals in Santorini. Travel bloggers, Instagram influencers, and women from all over the globe travel to Santorini only to do a flying dress photoshoot here. In combination with the affordable rental price, this kind of photography has flooded social media.

But why has the Flying Dress Photoshoot become so successful?

Well, maybe Marilyn Monroe was the first inspiration. Everybody knows the iconic picture of Marilyn, standing over a subway grating and letting the air blow her skirt up, but in Santorini, things are kind of different. It’s not just the inexpensive price to rent a dress on the island for less than $200, but it’s also the strong feelings that rush over a lady during and of course after the photoshoot, when the photographer delivers the pictures. For women it’s a feeling of strong independence, a feeling of luxury and confidence. Without a doubt, the rise of today’s independent woman, reflects her personality throughout a flying dress photoshoot. The emotions of standing at the edge of Caldera rims in Santorini, grafted with a strong sense of self-confidence, makes the Santorini photoshoot a unique one.

Best photo locations in Santorini for flying dress photography

Santorini island is heaven for any photographer, and even more for flying dress photography. From it’s stunning skyline to its whitewashed houses and the iconic Blue Domed churches, the island is just waiting to be captured. Women love to take flying dress pictures on the white rooftops of the rim houses. Even for me, as an experienced professional photographer in Santorini, I’m often surprised by their bravery to stand right on the edge of the Caldera cliffs. Also, the Blue Domed Churches are iconic highlights here in Santorini and stunning photo locations for flying dress photography.

Is Santorini Flying Dress Photography dangerous?

In short – no. However, it is very important to have a trained and skilled photographer with you that knows the land. The winds blow frequently and sometimes unexpectedly here in Santorini. So, choosing the right spot at the right time, is very important for your safety. Also, effective communication between the model and photographer throughout the shoot is vital.

Doing your own flying dress photography

If you have already bought your own flying dress, you can try to take pictures without hiring a professional photographer. Nobody is going to bother you if you want to take flying dress pictures at some of the public spots in Santorini. Furthermore, if you don’t have your own dress, you can rent a flying dress while in Santorini at a price that doesn’t break the bank. But there is a small problem here. How are you going to create the blowing dress effect? You need at least 2 people to help you with the photoshoot. A photographer and an assistant who will hold the tail of the dress and throw it up in the air at the right moments. Also, the popular public spots in Santorini can become very crowded and competition for the perfect photo in front of the Blue Domes can be tough.

Benefits of hiring a Santorini Flying Dress Photographer

If you are on a budget, doing your own Santorini flying dress photography could do the job, especially if you want to experiment a bit. But packing more clothes in your suitcase comes with an extra cost for your flight luggage, which is not always feasible. On the contrary, a local photographer will have a variety of rental flying dresses to choose from. Colors like blue, yellow, or red will suit perfectly against Santorini’s iconic backdrops. You can try on the dresses on the spot and decide which one is preferable and the photographer can also provide suggestions. One more benefit of hiring a Santorini photographer for your flying dress photoshoot, is that the photographer will also have an assistant with him. An experienced assistant plays a critical role when it comes to suspending the tail of the dress in the air and creating a spectacular effect. Furthermore, local photographers have special permissions to visit locations where the tourists are not allowed to access. Not to mention the knowledge of the best light, spots, poses, and editing.

Make up and Hair Styling as the perfect add-ons

For even greater results we always recommend hiring a professional make-up and hair stylist. You can hire the makeup/hair artist to take care of you before the photoshoot or even for the whole shoot. The benefits of hiring a makeup/hair artist for the full shoot is that you will stay fresh and look gorgeous throughout the shoot no matter of the weather conditions. Trust me, even if your photographer is a Photoshop expert, nothing can replace a professional make up/hair stylist job.

The best time for flying dress photography

All over the internet, you will read statements about the best time to take pictures in Santorini. Some people suggest early in the morning shoots to avoid the crowds and some other evening shoots. At the same time, many people believe that the optical time is during the golden hour, right before sunset. While all statements have their pros and cons, please note that there is not one clear answer that fits all. The truth is that the best time for flying dress photography depends on the location and the light. Your local photographer knows exactly the optimal time to capture awesome pictures. If you have checked out the photographer’s online portfolio and enjoyed it, there is no reason to worry about the best timing to take flying dress pictures. Trust the local photographer’s professionalism, knowledge, and experience.

Booking your flying dress photo shoot with Studio Kristo

Booking a flying dress photoshoot with Studio Kristo is an easy process. We offer a variety of Santorini flying dresses to choose from. The rental price is €180 (around $203) per dress. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can choose only 1 dress and share it with your friends. This way, you will keep the costs down without making any compromises on the quality of the pictures. Here at Studio Kristo, we also offer makeup and hair services. You can book our services separate, or as a whole package. . Feel free to send Studio Kristo a message at or a WhatsApp message at +306986984670 to customize the perfect package for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.