Santorini Honeymoon Photography

Honeymoon in Santorini Greece

After their Bali Wedding, Philippe and Christine traveled to Santorini to celebrate their honeymoon and book a photography session. This photo shoot was something more than about booking a Santorini photographer while on vacation. Basically, the ideas was to do a honeymoon photography shoot wearing their wedding outfits while having Santorini as the background. This was an superb lucky chance to shoot some unique photos in a charming destination. After all, being a Santorini photographer who is local to the area, I know the top spots in which the photo session will take place. For busy locations like Oia, this can be extremely helpful as I’m very familiar with the traffic and heavy tourist spots and know how to avoid them.

The couple Philippe and Christine

The family has 2 kids and they all live in India. Philippe is French and his wife Christine is a hot Balinese lady. The gentleman works for a large German firm. At the same time Christine works as a professional model and a trader. She exports goods from Bali to international destinations. The stylish shoes that her husband was wearing in their ceremony as well as in their honeymoon shoots in Santorini were made by the company that she owns and manages. The couple stayed in Absolute Bliss Hotel in Imerovigli village, a fantastic place with a private pool.

The honeymoon photo shooting

We started taking Santorini honeymoon photos around 02:20 p.m. at the couple’s hotel. It was pretty hot outside that time. Almost 30 Degrees hot in fact, (around 86 on the Fahrenheit scale). But we managed to find some shady and windy spots to shoot the first images. The weather eventually improved. It was about time to make art and take some more honeymoon pics in Oia. The best results come from happy people. So when I shoot couples, I always try to make them feel comfy in front of my camera. The lady made my job so much easy. As a model, she was used to posing in front of the lens. Phillip was a bit nervous during the first shots. But as time was passing by he became very eager about the photo shooting.

Book Studio Kristo Photography for your Santorini honeymoon shoot

Often couples choose to celebrate their big Day or engagement in places far away from the country they live. While some others want to take a few vacation pictures. Since I also shoot honeymooners; why losing the chance to have top wedding style pic shots in the places you have always dreamed about? Studio Kristo is willing to offer these vacation services to couples coming for their honeymoon in Santorini and all over Europe.