Santorini Honeymoon Photo Shoot

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Metric and Artemis during their Honeymoon Photo shoot

In this modern era, young couples are ready to cross seas and distant borders for that next perfect shot! A few days ago, I met a dear couple in Santorini for a honeymoon photography session. Metric and Artemis were married a week ago. This time, they were searching for vintage styled wedding photos in Oia. Luckily, they were in Santorini! This is where the local photographers have the freedom to capture unique styled snaps in an “allow me to say” easy way! As I signaled a “Yes”, the duo started to get ready for an amazing Santorini photo session. So, are you ready to know more about this couple’s honeymoon shoot in Oia?

A Creative session in Santorini, full of joy!

The newly wed bride was very elegant and pretty. She wore an eye – catchy, white dress from a renowned label. Right outside the couple’s hotel in Oia we found a few fresh pink flowers. They were the perfect add on for our Santorini photo session. The young groom picked these flowers for his wife and styled them on her head neatly! It was so nice, seeing the newly married pair enjoy each – other’s joy. Hence, we captured a pic were Metric kisses his wife’s hands gently with a bunch of those fresh flowers. Unlike common proposals, Metric chose a street with plenty of people passing by. In the midst of many tourists, Metric made his move. This move made the Santorini photo shoot very creative and special.

Walking down the Aisle again

Every love story yearns for a bold happy ending! And the couple was living through this happy moment. So, to portray their wedding, they held hands and walked an imaginary aisle once again! But this time, they chose the lanes of Oia. With colorful buildings on either sides and faced by huge mountains, this was another charming part of the shoot.

Moving on, the duo preferred to capture pictures in their hotel balcony! As Metric sat on the balcony, Artemis leaned on her love. With many dreams and hopes, the two starred at the distant cliffs & the deep blue sea.

At the awesome White Churches with Pebbles

We were surprised to see the girl’s courage and creative nature. Wearing a heavy, long dress, the pretty bride made a daring shot when she climbed onto the tallest nearby cliff. Briefly later, we snapped a huge array of photos near the White Churches with Pebbles! To explain, Oia is a super site with plenty of churches and bell towers.

We made the final Santorini photo shooting pictures during sunset. As the sun’s golden rays beamed on the calm sea, the couple dreamed of a never ending together – forever!

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  1. Mrs. Theofanou

    Hello Kristo , we wanna have a couple-shooting in Santorini. We have booked a boat trip there for one day for the 1.8.16, but i think we can change if you have no time.

    Are you free at 1.8.16?

    best wishes
    Sarah & John

    1. kristo

      Dear Sarah and John. Thank you for your message. I’m available for a couple shooting in Santorini on 1.8.16. Please check you inbox. 🙂

  2. Allison Megalis

    Hi, I’d like to have my photo taken with my husband around Fira and was interested in your bronze package. We are staying in Fira so if you had any availability I would like to book some time. Any info would be great. Thanks!!

  3. Laura Foster

    My husband and I will be in Santorini Aug 21-25 and are looking for a photographer to capture some beautiful shots of us in beautiful Santorini. We definitely want some with the classic blue and white buildings, some with the Caldera (perhaps around sunset!!!) and other iconic backdrops. Please let me know if you are free on any of these dates. Thank you so much!

  4. Angel Gupta

    I’m traveling to Santorini with my wife on our belated honeymoon on July 22. My wife’s birthday is on July 23 and she really wants a photoshoot on her birthday. I want to give that to her as her birthday gift. I like the silver package. Are you available on that date? Does the package include 25 edited photos and all other photos unedited? How much does it cost to add additional edited photos?

    I really hope you are available. We are staying at the Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel in Imerovigli, Thira.

    Thanks and best regards
    Angel & Margarita

  5. Jenny Lim

    Can i have the price for 2hrs couple shooting in santorini?

    Thank you

  6. Martha Cooper

    Hello! My name is Martha Cooper and my husband and I will be cruising around the Greek Isles and will be on Santorini for one day. We dock on June 19th from 7am to 6pm. We would love to get some shots of us with the city in the background. Since we don’t have long we would love to do these early and quickly so that we still have time to enjoy some sites. We’re thinking
    30 minutes from 8-8:30. I wanted to see what you might charge for something like this? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. Jordan Photography

    Hello Kristo! I’m a photographer based out of Washington D.C. and will be visiting July 10-13 with my husband for our 7th wedding anniversary. I was hoping to see if you have any availability? We would be interested in a sunset 1-hour session. We are staying in Imerovigli.

  8. Shirl and David


    My boyfriend, David, and I were hoping to do an “engagement-style” photoshoot while in Santorini on Sept. 8th. We would like to inquire about your rates for a brief photoshoot (about an hour) and as well as your availability for the given date.

    Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing back from you!

    Warm regards,
    Shirl and David

  9. Jun Kai

    Hi, we are coming to Santorini in late July to celebrate our honeymoon. Want to have a half/full day photo shooting in the city and in front of the Blue Domes. Do you have any cheap packages for us? Thank you

  10. Kumar

    I am Kumar from the incredible India currently living in Athens, Greece. I am getting married in India this year in July and want to have a honeymoon candid photo-shoot in Santorini sometime in October. Can you please send me your pricing? Thanks

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