A gem wedding photography in Santorini island

A gem wedding photography in Santorini island


From my first chat with Danielle and Paul I wanted to photograph their marriage ceremony at Gem Wedding venue in Santorini. Originally from United Kingdom, they currently live and work in the city of New York. It was such a pleasure to photograph this amazing couple and any nerves were kept at bay. They are one of the loveliest couples I have ever met. The whole day was wonderful and mixed with fun, elegance, individuality, dance and humor. Happily, the weather in Santorini was on our side as the ceremony was held outdoors, at a spacious balcony overlooking the volcano and the rims of the Greek island! The day was warm and bright without any clouds and the sky was clear and blue.

The engagement shoot

Engagements shoots are a great way to get know the future groom and bride. Furthermore they help the couple to feel more comfortable with the photographer and capture even more memories before the big day. Paul and Danielle really enjoyed this pre-wedding shoot. The big day’s itinerary was very strict and they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get photographed around the island. We met at their hotel early in the morning the day before and headed to some of the most spectacular locations of Santorini to capture their infinitive love.

Outdoors Imerovigli Engagement in Santorini

Just like candid wedding photography, this engagement photo is a beautiful and candid shot of the couple enjoying themselves outdoors.

Traditional door at Santorini Greek island

The doors in Santorini are as impressive as the domes and far more varied!

 paparazzi style engagement picture

A really cool paparazzi style engagement shot!

Pre wedding photo shoot sea background

We discovered one more idyllic location with the deep blue ocean in the background !

Danielle and Paul were so easy going, did whatever crazy ideas I had in mind! This photo was taken at a luxury hotel in Imerovigli with an infinitive pool & unparalleled views of the sea and the rock of Skaros!

happy engagement picture black and white couple

Black and white pictures are special and timeless. They are often used to create nostalgia by removing the colors and focusing on the real moment!

happy couple during pre wedding session

The couple was so happy about how beautiful everything was turned out!

vintage handbag creative picture

The pre wedding shot ended up into a vine! This vintage handbag was Paul’s gift to his future wife for their 3-year amazing relationship!

The big day photo stream

Getting ready

I started the day with Danielle and her bridesmaids in the spacious wedding dressing room at the hotel they were staying in. It was all very relaxed and a bit fun as the girls chatted, laughed and enjoyed a glass or two of cold Champagne. The beautiful bridesmaids followed the tradition and were all dressed alike in pretty pink dresses. Paul was very calm during the morning. There were plenty drinks flowing and everyone was getting very excited. As the time for the ceremony approached, the ties tied, rings and flowers prepared, all the dresses were put on and the final make up retouches were finished!

wedding rings

The wedding rings are my favorite pieces of jewelry!

The bride was getting ready creatively in one of the hotel rooms

I really love photographing weddings! They do allow me to be as creative as I want to be, even more!

Danielle the bride, was taking care of her eyelashes

Danielle’s close up pics were deffo special!

English Bridesmaids admiring holding wedding dress white color

While Danielle was getting ready, I captured this candid photo of the bridesmaids admiring her gorgeous, white wedding dress!

happy English bridesmaids getting ready

The bridesmaids were having a blast getting ready and Danielle couldn’t stop laughing!

bridesmaids touching letter to bride

When suddenly, a letter from the bridesmaids melted our hearts! They just couldn’t wait to see Danielle in her dress and make the most gorgeous bride!

bridal shoes

Time is very precious when shooting weddings! I photographed the shoes while waiting at the balcony for Danielle to put on her dress! She was a shy bride!! 🙂

bridesmaids helped bride

All of the bridesmaids helped Danielle step into her stunning gown! That’s why they are traditionally female after all!

The final… touches!

bride sitting chair

Almost ready to depart !

creative bridal photography

After a quick touch up of lipstick they were all ready to leave!

paul the groom is getting ready for the wedding

In the meanwhile, Paul was getting ready without stress!

groom is getting ready with best man assistance

With the assistance of the best man!

groom Greek Flag cufflinks

He chose lovely cufflinks, Greek Flag cufflinks!

best men groom candid

Creative and candid wedding photography is to do your best to capture emotions & moments, not just photos. That’s what I did! This picture of the English groom and the best men getting ready is so natural!

groom throws boutonniere for best man to catch

Paul made sure to take some time for FUN by throwing his boutonniere for best men to catch!

best men groom drinking beers

A short break for a beer before heading to the venue!

groom having fun pool

And then, more fun!!! These guys were amazing!

The Ceremony

The couple had chosen a fabulous venue. It was the GEM wedding venue, close to Pyrgos village and next to Santos Winery where the couple and their guests spent their previous evening. The guests were all in their seats waiting for the arrival of the bridal party, and Paul was waiting patiently. The bridesmaids walked down the aisle first, and then Danielle’s brothers proudly walked her down the ceremony spot. Paul looked so happy to see her. The couple made their wedding vows to each other and exchanged wedding rings. The official pronounced them, “husband and wife’, the groom got to kiss his bride and the register was signed to make everything official!

gem wedding ceremony venue

The Gem wedding venue, where the ceremony took place.

gem wedding venue santorini photography

This wedding venue was so perfect, a real Gem of Santorini!

bridal arrival

The bride arrived at the ceremony with her brothers around 30 minutes later.

santorini wedding guest chairs

All the guests were sitting down, admiring at the same time the couple along with the gorgeous views over the sea and the volcano!

santorini wedding decoration venue

The venue’s decoration was simple yet elegant with an nice combination of colors! It was violet mixed with red, green and yellow!

Bride cries when officiant reads vows

As the officiant was reading the vows, Danielle was in tears quietly.

civil wedding ceremony in Greece

The ceremony captured from a different perspective!

best man gives rings groom

The best man handed both rings to the groom! This was a fun moment! The bride was standing so awkwardly having no idea where to look at!

groom bride exchange rings sea background

Eventually, the couple exchanged the rings!

And said “yes” to each other! Next, they sealed their commitment with a kiss!

groom kisses bride outdoor civil wedding

The groom kissed the bride and they were now officially married! Everybody clapped and cheered! This outdoor wedding ceremony was really awesome!

newly wed sign marriage certificate!

The newlywed couple signed the registers and the marriage certificate!

guests throw petals wedding

Following again the tradition, petals were thrown Paul and Danielle as they headed away from the venue to the restaurant!

groom bride cabriolet bmw car

The just married couple had rent a luxury cabriolet BMW car for the day. We had only 20 minutes to capture some fantastic pics before returning the vehicle to the rental company!

white color cabriolet BMW wedding idea

Despite of the limited time that we had ahead, I got creative again! 🙂 This white colored BMW car was fantastic!

The speeches

The room was set ready for the meal and looked amazing with a beautiful big bouquet and 2 large candles. the cake set up and pretty floral centrepieces. All the guests came in and took their seats for the speeches to begin. We heard 2 speeches. The groom’s and the best men’s. The couple chose not not involve any other members of their families. Paul gave the second speech thanking everyone for traveling to Santorini and telling everyone how happy he was. He continued by telling about his growing up and how he met Danielle, the woman of his life. It was a lovely heartfelt speech with some laughter too. During the speeches, I captured moments that the bride, groom & their family were going to miss. Who was laughing, who was crying? What did the bride look like as her husband was speaking?

groom's speech bride's crying

Paul’s speech was delivered straight from the heart!

groom's wedding speech unposed

It was an entertaining and emotional speech with some very lovely words!

best men's speeches written on paper

The best men’s speeches amused me as they laughed their heads off at their own jokes & stories about them and Paul.

wedding party clapping

At the end, everyone in the restaurant stood up and clapped (except me, as I had to capture the moment!).

Party time!!!

After the meal the guests made their way to the outdoors area of the restaurant waiting for the evening celebrations. The DJ arrived 15 minutes earlier, he set up his equipment and the party had just began!

groom best men fun

After the touching moments of the speeches, we all went to the huge balcony and the party was already warming up!

groom bride dance outdoors with guests

There is no question about it: the Greek traditional music made this wedding in Santorini a real happening.

bride guests dancing

Everyone was having a fantastic time and could’t stop dancing, singing, clapping their hands and laughing.

Everyone was having a fantastic time and could’t stop dancing, singing, clapping their hands and laughing.

The cake and the dance

This delicious cake added flavor to the exotic Santorini wedding ceremony along with the Greek traditional background music .
Then, after the cut of the cake with a marvelous sunsetting background, Mr. and Mrs. Ryder took to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.

just married couple cut cake

I have to admit, I really craved this wedding cake and I wished I could transform myself into a wedding guest instead of being the event photographer!

groom feeds bride

Paul sweetly fed his new wife a piece of cake, and she begins to return the favor as guests looked on.

newly wed couple first dance sunset

The sunset added a further magic as we were approaching the end of the day!

I hope you have enjoyed looking through this wonderful GEM wedding in Santorini. If you would like to see more weddings like this why not check out Charlotte’s and Mikey’s beautiful Summer wedding at Dana Villas venue. I always love hearing about your wedding plans, so feel free to share your ideas.

Thanks for popping by

Kristo x

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    OMG!! It`s a fantastic Santorini wedding! I always love Santorini weddings; it`s full of fun, joy, rituals more & more. Wedding couple is so sweet & especially like bridesmaid. Congrats to lovely couple. Cheers..

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