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Sensual & Boudoir Photography for couples and Individuals

Sensual & Boudoir Photography for couples and Individuals

Boudoir photography is also known as glamour, pinup, sexy and intimate photography. It helps both men and women to improve their self-esteem. Furthermore, it helps to show how comfortable they can be in their own bodies too.

In addition to marriage photography, I have traveled to several destinations abroad to take glamour and sensual pictures of couples and individuals. From Santorini & Greece to Thailand, UK & US, dozens of couples and individuals have asked me to do boudoir or erotic shoots for them. Being a professional boudoir photographer is not as easy as a lot of people think. You have to really understand who your client is, respect the private moment and conduct the shoot in a distinctive way. I have conducted boudoir sessions which were fun and interesting. I have also taken erotic pictures where strictly “No questions asked”.

What makes it so special

Last years, bridal boudoir photography, has exploded in popularity and is becoming widely accepted thanks to its tasteful approach. Brides choose it as a sexy gift for their fiance or husband. It’s a fantastic valentine gift for boyfriends or girlfriends too. An optional service of a professional make up artist & hair stylist is available to make the pictures really pop.

Where does the photo shoot take place?

The pictures are usually taken in a hotel suite or in a nearby city for more privacy. Some are also taken outdoors or in the client’s home. in conclusion, my results are always artistic, never pornographic.

Feel free to scroll to see some samples of my work and hire me for your Boudoir Session.

private sensual moment of couple indoors
boudoir photographer
boudoir photography for men

sensual husband underwear picture black and white

happy topless girl with camera

bride swimming pool sensual

Professional Boudoir Photographer in Greece

sexy girlfriend vintage underwear

sexy thai girl at the river

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