Sexy Pose of Khloe Terae

Are you planning on a sexy photo shoot in Greece? Do you want to capture images that would lure and ooze any man on earth? Or, are you hunting for playmates with lots of sensual and exotic emotions? If yes, you are at the right place! Captured in Greece, Nicolette Shea, Khloe Terae and April Eve are three sexy models with the glamour and panache required to nail any photo shoot. Recently, the three clubbed together and gave a scintillating collection of pictures! As you scroll down, you will come across breathtaking photographs, which would decode the real secret in my words.

Nicolette’s Poise

Nicolette Shea was a diva with fine curves and lots of poise. She was prepared to go an extra mile for that million dollar shot! Being a professional in the industry, Nicolette was able to crack tough poses in an effortless manner. One of her finest clips would be the back pose! It didn’t take use a minute or more, to capture this exquisite frame. Her sensual emotions and sturdy posture stood static through all 32-frames. As a professional photographer, I was able to witness the model’s sincere effort and dedication! Moving on, she flipped into her orange bikini and was ready to beat the sun’s heat. The sideline pose was one of Nicolette’s favourite stills. She loved to face the sky and experience the flow  of fresh air.

The toned and perfect abs of Khloe

The sound of Khloe Terae turned everyone’s heads in the photo shoot location.  She was a real sex serene with everything a guy would yearn for! Khloe gave lots of importance to her eyes and lips. Her dark black eyes spoke a thousand words, which echoed across the entire spot. Moreover, the diva loved to flaunt her long, toned legs! This triggered us to take up the parapet shot. In this challenging picture, Khloe had to give a side pose, with a clear view of her beautiful legs. To everyone’s awe, the sexy celebrity reached the desired posture in no-time! The priceless capture gave away Khloe’s toned abs and perfect figure.

The curves of April Eve

Next in line would be April Eve! Known for her cuteness and feminine features, April Eve was a photographer’s delight. She was exceptionally curvy and sexy in her captures. The blonde diva had the vigour and attitude to knock down a thousand! Luckily, she was able to showcase these emotions in all her photographs.

The amazing duo

Last but not least, Khloe Terae’s and April Eve’s duo shot set the entire place on fire! It was a sizzling capture, where two amazing celebrities brought to light many exotic emotions. The two had a great bond. They were able to blend with each other and produce perfect images. And, this was when everyone wondered, how it would be if the three fascinating models were asked to pose together!

The photo shoot with Nicolette, Khloe and April was exceptionally memorable. The shoot asked for loads of professionalism, but it was worth every minute and effort.

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  1. Carlos Merelis

    This work is beyond my imagination. You are doing great.. How long has it been since you started with this work

    1. Kristo Di Giorio

      Hey Karlos, Greetings from Santorini. I started my business inside the Studio almost 16 years ago. Now I mainly do outdoor sessions. It is more interesting for me to utilize the surroundings in order to capture the best possible photo. And to be honest, the Greek islands are the perfect places, helping me giving my own personal – artistic touch to my shots.

  2. Jason

    Fantastic work.

  3. Harper


    My name is Harper, I am from New Zealand but live in Indonesia. I will be visiting Europe to compete in a fitness/ body building competition at the end of the month and following this I will be in Santorini from 2-5th October 2018.

    I am looking for a Santorini based photographer who will be available to do a tasteful bikini/sports themed photoshoot over looking the amazing scenery of Santorini.

    I would love to hear back from you if you could be available and your ideas on theme and associated costs.

    I look forward to hearing from you with thanks.

    Kind regards

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