Vienna Wedding Photography

vienna wedding photographer

Europe’s Cultural City

If Paris is the City of Light and Art, then Vienna is the City of Music and Art. It’s also a fascinating destination for every Vienna Wedding Photographer. Some of the most leading artists lived here. Johan Strauss and Mozart aspired in Austria. Vienna’s center is rich in ensembles. In addition to that, it’s perfect for marriage pictures. Its got so many landmark sights on close distances! Besides that Vienna is a heaven-like destination for all kinds of photographers; amateurs or professionals. The tradition and modernity exist side-by-side. Furthermore Danube river is unbeatable and captivating. The more you stay in this European destination, the more you get in love with it. Thus the more photos you want to capture.

The Viennese couple Wedding Photos

I always wanted to shoot professional, couple wedding pictures in Vienna. When Kirstin and Johnny e-mailed me and asked me to visit Austria this fall, it was hard to say no. Planning to be a top Vienna Wedding Photographer sounded so challenging. Being an international photographer is a challenging job anyway. The good looking, full of energy couple got married 10 years ago. They decided to hire a wedding photographer in Vienna. Their aim was to be photographed with the wedding day’s dress and tuxedo that they were dressed on their wedding day. The idea was to visit one of their most liked walks in the area which they kindly introduced me. At first, the weather was humid. But soon the sun came out and it begun to dry up! To sum up, is Vienna still beautiful in Autumn? It’s stunning! The falling leaves turned the Gardens of Schönbrun into a fairytale place. Among the attractions that we visited were; the Gloriette, the Wiener Rathaus and the Schloss Schönbrunn.
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