Best Places to Propose in Santorini

Here to help are the Proposal Planners from Studio Kristo with suggestions on the best places to propose in Santorini:
propose during sunset in Santorini
Sunset Proposals are among the most populars in Santorini

1. Rock of Skaros

Skaros is an impressive spot in Santorini. It is a kind of conic peninsula that on top forms a large rock. Skaros is not only geologically interesting; it is also historically relevant. It is where the first castle was built in Santorini in the 15th century, to protect the locals from the pirates. The trail to the rock starts right in front of St George’s church in Imerovigli. It is certainly a ideal place providing a natural terrace with magnificent views of the Caldera and Skaros. Please have in mind that it’s a relatively long hike and you should try to reach the top of the Rock at your own risk. Throughout the trail, you will immerse yourselves in the infinite blue view of the Aegean and the volcanic scenery. Not to mention that watching the sunset on this spectacular place could be the perfect opportunity to pop the question.

2. Lighthouse of Akrotiri Village

Built in 1892, the Akrotiri lighthouse is still active and is operated by the Greek navy. It is located at the southern tip of Santorini. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest and most impressive lighthouses of Greece. The access to the area is free and you can park your vehicle at a close distance.  The lighthouse’s location is also known for it’s fascinating sunset views. Travelers will definitely enjoy the driving route to the spot for it’s panoramic views of Santorini. However, it can become crowded during sunset, especially in summer. So don’t be surprised if a few tourists congratulate you on your engagement.

3. Heart Shaped Rock in Megalochori Village

Widely and also known as “heart of the lovers,” The Heart Shaped Rock is located close to the village of Megalochori. You will find it easily while following the path heading to the beach of Plaka. The locals believe that it’s the only place on earth where no girl has ever said no to the proposal of marriage. This naturally curved heart has become so popular, that the chances to see another proposal happening before you decide to kneel down, might not be that low. There is no direct car access there and you have to walk around 10 mins to reach the spot. Bring appropriate footwear because occasionally the path is uneven. There are no entry fees here, and a beautiful church is on sight where you can watch the legendary Santorini sunset. 

4. Outskirts of Oia

Visiting Santorini without seeing Oia is like travelling to Egypt without visiting the pyramids. This gem is an awesome choice for several reasons; first, it is very accessible. You can reach it by foot from the center of Oia, or by car and there is also a close-by bus station. Second, it’s not very crowded with tourists, and best of all, it offers panoramic sights of Oia, the Caldera, and the island of Thirassia. At Studio Kristo, we have photographed dozens of successful proposals here. These have been mainly from travelers who were on a budget. Furthermore, they were looking for an easy-to-access location to propose, and hire a Santorini photographer just to capture  the special moment in time.

5. Romantic Wedding Venue

Santorini is well known for it’s destination weddings, and thus there are dozens of venues to choose from for your proposal. Besides the rooftop romantic setting with views, some venues offer extra services like idyllic dinners with candle lights and drinks. After she has said says, a mini photoshoot is usually included at the venue’s private balcony and the surrounding area. The process to book a Santorini wedding venue is a bit more complicated because sunset times are already reserved in advance for ceremonies and prices can be keen. But it’s definitely a good way to go if you love those kind of romantic and luxurious events. At Studio Kristo, we have photographed and planned dozens of engaged couple events at some of the most gorgeous venues. Dana Villas in Firostefani and the panorama balcony in Oia are only a few of them. We are here to help you plan perfect the proposal of your dreams in Santorini.

6. Private AirBnb Balcony

This is a very simple and unique way to surprise her and at the same time prevent suspicion; you can kneel down at your own private balcony of your AirBnb apartment! This proposal option will give you more flexibility regarding timing, location, and decoration. At the Airbnb owners discretion, you can hire a proposal planner to decorate your balcony while you and your partner are out for a romantic walk,  while letting things happen naturally upon returning. At the same time, a local proposal photographer will capture your proposal for you. Just make sure that you will book a nice AirBnb apartment with a spacious balcony and you can leave the rest to your Santorini proposal planner. What’s more? By booking an AirBnB, you will have an alternative option in case of extreme weather. Your planner will decorate your apartment for you, and make sure that everything will run smoothly no matter of the weather conditions outside. At Studio Kristo, we have planned lots of Santorini Airbnb proposals both indoor and outdoor, and saved the day for prince harming.

7. Blue Domed Church

The Greek churches with the Blue Domes are a sight you should see almost everywhere when you visit Santorini. Regardless of your religious convictions, the Domes are a marvel to behold, especially those at Oia. Many guys are dreaming of proposing to their girlfriends in the perfect spot right next to the domes. Who wouldn’t want that?  But there is a small issue here. These spots can become extremely busy and often tourists are waiting patiently in lines to take a photo of these landmarks. In addition to that, some church services might be taking place there. Thus, the locals are doing their best to protect the buildings from people jumping on the roofs. So, is it really that difficult to do a surprise proposal at the domes? The answer is that you have to plan it very well in advance with the help of a local Santorini photographer or guide. The locals know the best times to visit the churches, how to handle (if any) concerns with the priests, and how to beat the crowds. And if you are fast and have hired an experienced proposal photographer and don’t want anything fancy, you can definitely make it happen. And we are here to help you make it rock!