Santorini Portrait Photography Tour

santorini photo tour

International Ambitions

Michelle Ou is in an international traveller ( and amateur photographer, currently living in Australia but with ambitions to move to Hong Kong. For her, a trip to Santorini has been a long-time dream and she was adamant that she have photos taken to remember her time there. A photographer is often awkward when they come out from behind the lens to stand in front of it, but that was not so with Michelle. She was graceful, elegant and beautiful in every shot.

Overlooking the World

Michelle was not just interested in the tourist snapshot of Santorini, she wanted to stand way above the ocean and look out to the world from a unique vantage point. The day began shooting at a light house before speeding off to the beaches where Michelle glowed against the sand and cliffs in a bright red dress. Michelle wanted to see beauty where other people may have missed it and so she explored a fishing port and an abandoned building as other possible shooting locations. While all of the locations selected were stunning there is something truly radiant about Michelle sitting high atop the white stone buildings, staring across the sea, perhaps thinking of home. With her back to the horizon she creates a strong, commanding form, as of one immune to the changes of the tide. Michelle simply stays standing.

A Student and a Friend

Aside from being independent and beautiful, Michelle was also able to let her hair down and have fun. She toyed around with her own camera, capturing the world she saw through her own lens. There is nothing like travelling to inspire the photographer deep in all of us and in Santorini, Michelle found her inspiration. She fooled around with props such as old wooden chairs and a discarded fishing net for her modelling. When she was at play she let her vibrancy shine through and be captured by the camera. She was immediately younger and full of a wonderful attitude towards life. Michelle’s warmth was not just visible from behind the lens; it was visible to those around her. Stumbling across some strange cats Michelle beamed as they seemed to pose behind her, entirely calm. Michelle’s calming nature also enabled her to be friend a sleepy orange cat; she is shown patting and sitting very close to.

Infectious, Radiant, Memories

Michelle’s passion and ambition is infectious and her beauty is radiant. Her trip to Santorini was everything she could have hoped for and she left with wonderful memories and photographs to keep them alive.

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  1. Low Yin

    Hi kristo, I am not sure what I am looking for count as, whether engagement or portrait, I am not having an actual wedding ceremony in Greece and to be honest I don’t actually know if the date I entered is the date I will be there, ( but it’s in May for sure) but I wanted to get an idea of the price for just an afternoon of shooting basically what we show up as. I modelled when I was younger so I can easily sort out all make up and styling matters and all I really need is the photography part lol. (I am Chinese but grew up in New Zeland and I’m an English teacher in china now, my soon to be husband is a professional Latin ballroom dancer which means he’s also a teacher and he doesn’t know English lol, so thank god you love Asian culture and know Chinese)

    Thank you for reading 😀

  2. Lin

    HI Studio Kristo,

    We plan to visit santorini next early summer (end of May) and we would like to take some photo (something like photo tour) with my girlfriend.
    Can you please share some ideas and price list with us?
    Please let us know also if you team can also provide makeup service due the photographing.

    Thanks in advance!



    Hi Kristo,

    We are from Singapore and will travel to Santorini next month 20th May till 25th May. I would like to check if you are available between 21-24th May for portrait photo shooting?


  4. Cathy Hoi Au

    My husband Brian and I got married in February and will be on our honeymoon. We want “engagement style shoots”, candid, natural and some portraits. We love the Santorini high angle skyline and sea. Would love the blue dome roof tops and would like a kind of sun to sunset shoot. We understand that summer August time is peak season, would there be a lot of people at sunset at the shooting locations? If so should we do like a dawn morning shoot? I will be wearing a lacey long white dress and Brian (white shirt and beige pants). We want photos with the blue dome tops, Oia and white architecture shots. Shots that show off the sky and the sea and the amazing natural beauty.


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